Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I'll Be Doing This Fall

I don't really know why I haven't already posted this--so here goes: I have a teaching job for next year!

A couple of weeks ago, the head of the English department at the high school called me. I had been hoping to hear from her, since I had emailed her about the open position before school was out. A couple of weeks had passed, and I was getting antsy because I hadn't heard anything. I kept thinking, "I bet they're interviewing. I can't believe they didn't even give me an interview, after repeatedly telling me I am on their list!"

It turns out that that wasn't the case. In fact, they hadn't even interviewed anyone yet. The department head asked me a couple of interview-type questions, and then told me they didn't need to do an interview in person, because they had interviewed me for the long-term sub position, and she was putting my name in for the job. At this point I was wondering if that meant "putting my name in the hat with the other 100 candidates" (I'm not kidding; there are a lot of teachers looking for work) or "putting me in as their final selection." It turns out she meant the latter. The next week I filled out the paperwork, turned everything I could yesterday, and the board was supposed to approve the new hires last night. So far, so good!

I will be teaching 11th grade--American literature. I am excited about it. And thankful that the year of subbing worked out exactly as I hoped it would: I was able to get my foot in the door and prove myself so that the school would want to hire me full-time.

This job won't make us rich. But I know it's a step in a good direction--and I know I am meant to teach. With all the challenges teaching involves, I have learned that I'm a good teacher and I actually like teenagers (most of the time!) I'm ready to get in there and be part of the solution.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Sickness

Miss Pink is sick today--poor baby. She's asleep right now, exhausted after throwing up, having a fever, and, um, other things during the night. I slept in her room so I could be near her when she needed me. She has a twin bed, so I didn't expect to get much sleep, but I slept with my head at the foot of her bed and it was fine.  She has a very comfortable bed, probably more comfortable than ours. And we bought her mattress at Big Lots, so go figure. I hope she starts feeling better soon (and that we don't all come down with the virus--keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?)

Mr. Blue is at his daycare. To keep his spot for next year, I have to pay for two days a week during the summer, which is something they offer teachers. We love that school--Miss Pink went to preschool there since she was two, and he went there last year, so we definitely wanted to keep his spot. He hasn't gone since school let out June 3rd, though, because he wanted to stay home and hang out with me and his sister. Today he was happy to go, and all his classmates were excited to see him. They have a "splash day" on Thursday mornings with several kiddie pools. I'm glad he could go have fun while Miss P and I stay home.

Up until this, we've been having a good summer. On Monday, friends got us into the museum of science & history for free with their memberships, and yesterday we went to a free movie. We've been to a water park and have plans to swim a lot. I am staying firm with limiting TV, despite much whining from Mr. Blue. I remember when Miss Pink was in the same stage: she was only happy when watching TV or when she had my undivided attention, and I thought she would never learn to play by herself. Now she can entertain herself for a long time, so I know he will learn, too, if I don't give in to his demands for TV. I do, of course, give them both plenty of attention. Both of them love to be read to, which I enjoy, although I do wish Mr. Blue would sometimes choose books other than four Curious George books he's become obsessed with. Tonight when Justin gets home, I am going to the library to find some more Curious George.

Enough rambling...Miss Pink is still asleep, it's 10:58 a.m. and I'm already hungry. I hope y'all are having a good summer...or that your summer starts soon. It's VERY hot here--98 degrees F for the high. Whew!


Friday, June 4, 2010

On the First Day of Summer

On the first day of summer, the kids and/or I*:

  • slept in till 8 a.m. (hey, I'll take the extra two hours)
  • did not turn the TV on until noon, and then only for two kids' shows
  • did, however, stay in our pajamas until late afternoon
  • had a "Welcome Summer" party that involved making a playlist on iTunes, playing games like Hide & Go Seek, blowing bubbles in the backyard, and eating a snack of grated cheese, cheese crackers, grapes, Teddy Grahams, and a "drink" of strawberry yogurt and red Kool-Aid with a few grapes and chocolate chips thrown in for some mysterious reason
  • read a lot of books and went to the library 
  • took a nap (with the exception of Miss Pink, who never sleeps in the daytime unless she's sick)
  • did absolutely no housework
  • enjoyed every minute of our time together
*I'll let you figure out which of these activities were not my idea and which most definitely were!