Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why I Am Sending A Movie Back to Netflix Unwatched

Normally I would not send the movie back unwatched. We paid for it, we should watch it! But we can't get another movie until we send this one (The Departed) back, and I just don't think we are going to watch a 2 hour and 31 minute movie. That would mean we would have to stay up past midnight (GASP!) No. Not worth it. If I'm going to watch a movie that long, it had better be the Lord of the Freaking Rings (the original working title, I hear). Sorry, Mr. Scorcese.

I think I am going to start ordering episodes of TV shows I am interested in but didn't get to watch, like Heroes and Psych.

Next in the queue: Looney Tunes Golden Collection, v. 2. You can't go wrong with Bugs Bunny.


  1. BUT The Departed is so good! It was in my top 5 movies of 2006. And is the best thing he has done since Goodfellas. I understand, but I hope you'll give it another shot.

  2. it was good but after watching it i had that feeling down deep that i should have turned it off. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much language not to mention the gratuitous violence.

    there, i left you a comment! ha ha

  3. okay so I rewatched said film while sick yesterday. it was still good, but Pfaff is right...pretty over the top with the violence and language...and one gross scene with Jack. Not good.

    Maybe I just like the plot?