Friday, June 12, 2009

True Colors

Hola, chicas (and chicos, if any guys do in fact read this)! My kids are at my parents' house and Justin and I are going out on a real date to celebrate our anniversary--which was last weekend, but it wasn't convenient to celebrate then. So here's a question for you:

If you had to choose the color that describes you most accurately, which color would it be?

Now, I don't think this question is asking your favorite color. It's a color that reflects your personality. It's hard for me to say, because my moods change. But I'll go with a blue-gray, like the color of the ocean, because at times I am happy and peaceful (blue) while at other times I feel gray and flat.

That only leaves out the times I'm red-hot with anger, but I'm willing to bet none of our personalities are completely describable with one color! What about you?



  1. Oooh, that's such an interesting question! You're right, my favorite color is not my descriptive color!

    My moods definitely change, but lately, I think I'm a dark cerulean blue - melancholy, pensive, quiet. In the past, I'd say I was a deep cerise - warm, outgoing and loud, with a bit of a wild side! I think it'd be nice to combine, and settle into a pretty shade of carolina blue!

  2. Oh, I used this link for colors:

  3. green~
    thick grass green
    and sometimes the green of pines, although I prefer to make it softer.

    Is it wrong of me to not understand blue-gray? Funny how colour can define us.

  4. Though I adore blue, I'd describe myself as a darkish green. Maybe a fern or a forest green.

    A deep and vivid colour.

  5. Happy belated Anniversary! Regarding your color question, my favorite colors to wear are black and grey. My favorite color overall is light purple or periwinkle.

  6. Stopping by from SITS - what a fun question - I'd love to say green (my favourite colour) but probably red would be more accurate, as I'm in a near-constant state of annoyance with my three-year old and various other things.

  7. OH, that's a hard one!! Pink. I'm all girlie like that.