Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins #150

I took the day off today because Justin and I are going to a nice hotel this weekend for a romantic getaway. It's a hotel downtown in the nearest city, but whatever, at least we don't have to drive a long way to get there! Plus we are staying two nights for free (with a free breakfast!) because we got it through our bank's rewards program. Free is good.

Anyway, I didn't work so I wouldn't be tired when we get to the hotel, after we leave the kids with my parents. The plan was for me to hang out here and do some laundry and clean the house. After I took the kids to school, I lay down on the couch because I don't get to do that anymore. Just a little nap, I told myself as I snuggled under the blanket.

I woke up 2.5 hours later.

Oh well, at least I won't be falling asleep like I usually do on Friday night! That's why we don't see many movies--too tired to stay up. Any suggestions for a good date night movie?

Here are the Friday Fill-Ins!

1. The last band I saw live was hahahaha--I'm sorry, you wanted to know the last band I saw live? I don't even remember. We have a great band at church every Sunday, does that count?

2. What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving is the dressing. Family, togetherness, yadda yadda yadda--I look forward to cornbread dressing all year long. And the desserts, too, of course.

3. My Christmas/holiday shopping is all in my head. I know some things I want to buy, but haven't actually bought anything besides a couple of stocking stuffers.

4. Thoughts of being alone with my husband without interruptions fill my head.

5. I wish I could wear skinny jeans.

6. Bagpipes always sound mournful to me.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spending time with my honey, tomorrow my plans include sleeping in and maybe getting a pedicure and Sunday, I want to pick up my kiddos and hear about how much their grandparents spoiled them!



  1. Enjoy your weekend away! Sounds fantastic!

  2. Do you know why bagpipe players walk around while they play? To try to get away from the noise. (har har)

    There was a whole bit on How I Met Your Mother a couple of weeks ago where bagpipe music was a stand-in/euphemism for the sound of the upstairs neighbors having sex. Sounds strange, but it was really funny.

    And now I cannot think of anything else to say about bagpipes. Thank goodness, right?

  3. A weekend without kiddos....ahhhhh! Enjoy it!

  4. What a great weekend! and kidless? nice! I so need a getaway w/my hubby like that! Enjoy it... :-)

  5. Great fill-ins and have a fabulous weekend with the hubby! Fun!