Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Update of Sorts

Wow. I haven't had the desire to blog since the end of September. Sometimes I would think about it, especially after reading other blogs, but always ran out of steam. I don't want to quit, even if other things (like working and doing things for and with my family) are taking almost all of my energy.

Work is going well. I actually do love teaching--most days. We are already finished with the first two grading periods and I can hardly believe it's November.

I do have a few funny kid stories. Miss Pink was invited to be part of her school's math club. I don't know what they do except play a mysterious math game that I can't understand when she tries to explain it to me. What can I say, she doesn't get her math ability from me. Anyway, when she was talking about math to me one night, she said something about telling other people she was in the math club. "I'll say, "Yo, what's up? Math is COOL!'"

I didn't have the heart to tell her what most people think about math. (Hint: they don't think it's cool. Even if you try to sound like a rapper when you say it.)

Mr. Blue makes us laugh a lot. One night he was tickling his dad while we were sitting at the dinner table.
Justin: Liam, please stop tickling me.
Liam: That wasn't me tickling you, that was God's magic.
Justin: Okay, then, God, please stop tickling me.
Liam (in the deepest voice he can create): OKAY.

Today he was brushing my hair (quite painfully, I might add) and he said, "I love your hair. I love everybody's hair. Except the devil's." Oookay then. I guess I should be thankful he doesn't love Satan's hair.


  1. Always love hearing from you! I too am in a blogging slump. I love reading, but can't get much down into the "compose" window - I figure that if it bores ME then it's sure to bore my readers. But I love reading everyone else's stuff.

    My Dad is a Maths (we stick an 's' on the end of 'math' - don't know why) Head Of Department, and he is well known for his quote, "Maths is FUN!" Thing is, when he teaches it, it IS! Go Miss Pink!

    Love the God imitation, Mr Blue!

  2. I've missed you!

    Kids are so freaking funny. They do keep you laughing don't they? I was worried that they'd stop being funny as they got older, but that's SO not the case!!!!

  3. Kids do say the best things. Boo spent an hour trying to get Hunter to understand why math was awesome, so Miss Pink isn't alone!