Sunday, February 15, 2015

Busy Busy

Today was a busy day, as was yesterday. Two basketball games, one dinner with family, one church service, one birthday party. Well, when you put it like THAT, it sounds much easier to manage. And it was manageable; I just like to have longer resting periods in between bouts of activity.

Both kids' teams won their games, so that was nice. L had been having stomach pains the night before, so we questioned whether he should play, but he wanted to. And promptly went out there and scored 20 points, so there. C and her best school friend had petitioned to be on the same team, and the coaches let them, and they lit up the court. C has gotten over her timidity and is handling the ball well. Between the two of them, they had so many steals I lost count. She can now do a very nice layup as well.

Nobody is more surprised than I am when my children perform well athletically.

On Saturday night we were finally able to meet up with my brother and SIL--oh, stop pretending, we were really just wanting to see my nephew. He is everything a one-month-old should be. Super snuggly and just perfect in every way. C loved giving him a bottle and did much better than I would have at her age. L is too shy to hold the baby but pronounces him "very cute."

Justin stayed home all day yesterday and today because whatever upper-respiratory illness he has is proving resistant to any of the medication he got from the doctor. It's been three weeks and he's pretty tired of coughing.

This afternoon I took the girl to a friend's skating party, and jeez Louise, was it loud and crowded in there. I was getting pretty edgy because crowds make me nervous, until we were able to go to the reserved table, and then I was okay because no giant teenagers were in danger of rolling over my foot as I tried to flatten myself against a row of lockers.

While we were gone, the cause of L's stomach pains revealed itself: he threw up twice. And I missed it! Good job, Mom. But he managed to make it from the living room couch to the bathroom without getting barf on anything. What a guy. I still count it as one of my finest moments in parenting when I deliberately moved my body to catch my son's barf on my chest because I clean up more easily than a couch. As sad as it is that such days are gone, I can't say I will miss them. As far as future barf cleanup, we'll see what the night brings.

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