Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mr. Blue!

One year ago today I was greatly relieved to have brought a son into the world. It's almost impossible to believe that he was once so tiny and helpless (well, helpless--at 8 lbs. 14 oz., he was never all that tiny) and now he's a walking, talking boy.

Here are some of Mr. Blue's accomplishments at one year old.

  • walks everywhere and is learning to go up and down the step in our living room

  • is still saying "thank you"

  • refuses to let you feed him anything with a spoon except ice cream

  • steals Miss Pink's sippy cup and cries stormily when it is taken away

  • loves opening and shutting doors

  • favorite activity: taking a bath (he's his father's son)

  • giggles when Daddy throws him high into the air

  • plants open-mouthed kisses on me and won't move his mouth

  • throws his sippy cup when finished with it

  • shakes his head "no" and thinks he is being funny

  • eats any food offered to him including bits of steak; although he did spit out meatloaf and we were shocked

  • dances to his Elmo piano music (we plan to work on his musical taste)

  • puts a small basketball in the hoop over and over again

  • finds any toilet with an open lid faster than you can believe

And so many more...I pray for blessings and protection on you, my son. I love you.


  1. Happy Birthday, indeed! I've been loving all of the advances that my boy has been making of late. Your little man looks so cute! It's amazing how quickly they grow. They are toddlers now!

  2. He's so precious and I love his personality. It'll be so fun to see it (his personality, I mean)blossom even more over the next year.

  3. Isn't it amazing how they change in that first year? I love seeing my 5 month old go through the process.

    Is your son still big for his age?