Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Remind me of this when he's 2...and13

Mr. Blue (who'll be 1 next Friday) has all kinds of new accomplishments: he's walking very well now, and he can say a few words. Dada was first, of course; and then Mama--usually in the form of Mamamamama when he's upset and/or wants to be held.

The next thing he has learned to say is, "Thank you." Well, it's more like "Dack uh," but it is very clear that he means thank you, since he only says it when you give him something.

This is one concept in which he is way ahead of his sister. She is very polite now, but when she was a toddler I used to joke that she would think "Thank you" was something you say when you're prying something out of someone's resistant hand, since that's what we did to her all the time.

I know he's going to stop saying it (and probably start with "Mine!") but for now it's adorable.

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