Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Tagline Isn't Just a Joke

Tonight I took advantage of my pharmacy's offer of $10 in store credit for every 5 prescriptions filled. (The insurance companies limit the amount of times you can refill potentially addictive pharmaceuticals, so no one start planning to get high AND get a lot of rebate cash.) Before I got diagnosed with clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder, it would've taken me at least half a year to get my free money. Now, with two extra prescriptions a month, I'm raking it in, baby!

The last time I had pictures developed, which I was going to do anyway. Boring. Tonight I went and bought myself some makeup (L'Oreal powder blush in Precious Peach, to be exact.) I'm looking forward to the next time, when I plan to treat myself to a new lip gloss or something equally me-centric. I may be Crazy, but I can still look pretty. Right?

Hey, never let it be said that there are no perks to belonging to the Mentally Ill Club.*

*I feel compelled to add, being an earnest sort loath to offend anyone, that I don't mean to offend anyone. I'm laughing at myself, actually, because I still feel sort of odd that I need medication. I don't feel odd taking it, because basically my choices are: a) take it and feel normal, even great; or b) [want to] die. [Edited to tone down the melodrama. But seriously, it still sucked.] You don't have to tell me that depression is a serious thing. But all the more reason to joke about it, I say--from this side of the bridge that modern medicine built for me. And soon I will write a serious post about my "illness" (that seems so weird to say that).

Hey, the postcript was almost as long as the post.


  1. woo-hoo $10 in extra-bucks ie no cash value and no value outside of the store. but hey $ = $ right?

    just think w/o mental illness you wouldn't be getting free makeup! (there's a silver lining to everything if you look hard enough)

  2. how come i'm the only person to comment on almost all of your posts? ("April Book Binge" not withstanding)

    it makes me feel like either a) a loyal fan, or b) a stalker ha ha or possibly c) everyone else just has a life! ha!

  3. I don't know why, but the funniest thing to me about this post is that your skin matches something called "Precious Peach."

  4. You can join in my "Bloggers who are in need of serious mental help" club!