Monday, June 18, 2007

Today I feel like I'm 92, myself

I'll post an account of our trip as soon as I can (probably tonight or tomorrow); I wanted to include pictures and just now got our camera back from my husband.

But this story couldn't wait. Before we got home, my mom was hurrying around packing the kids' things. She said she knew her body language was talking when Miss Pink asked her, "Mawmaw, is it hard taking care of little kids?"

Mom said yes, sometimes, but Mawmaw loves them anyway. Satisfied, Miss Pink went off to play.

A moment later, Mom heard a little voice singing:

It's hard taking care of little chil-dren
It's hard taking care of little kids...
Especially when you're old!


  1. esp. when you're old... that's fantatstic! i can't stop laughing. i'm sure there was probably a dance # that went along with it too.

  2. Jonny was singing this song yesterday (after hearing it in Sun. School). She may have a hit on her hands -- it's catchy!