Thursday, June 28, 2007

Where'd My Baby Go?

With all the Miss-Pink-focused posts lately, somebody's been getting the short end of the attention stick. At least here on the blog, because goodness knows, he's not letting anyone ignore him in real life for any length of time at all.

Yes, Mr. Blue has transformed himself from a sweet-tempered, laid-back baby into a full-fledged temperamental toddler. He's clingy, whiny, and apt to scream when frustrated. Which is? Pretty much ALL THE TIME.

I thought it was mostly teething--I still think that's a big part of it--but on the mom-to-mom advice web site "Ask Moxie" they had a breakdown of the developmental spurts from 18-24 months, and there it was: at 16 months, becomes whiny, clingy, and scream-y. (Disclaimer: this stage may happen in a different month for different kids, as the comments showed, but gloat not: it WILL happen.) The fit-throwing has to do with frustration: the child's inability to verbalize his wants/needs, and anger when his demands are not met. The first recognition of the human condition, in other words.

I love what someone said: we spend the first 18 months of their lives reassuring kids they're the center of the universe, and the next 18 years convincing them they're not. The thing is, the first stage is necessary for the second to work.

It will get worse before it gets better, apparently. Moxie predicted that "pain in the a#$ will be an understatement" during the 20 month stage, then he'll turn into an angel again after he turns two. So there's that to look forward to.

He LOOKS like a cherub, though, with that silky blond hair, delicious cheeks, and killer long dark lashes. His skin has turned golden brown and his legs still have that fun baby chub. He now calls me "Ma-ma-ma" and gives me kisses and laughs, showing the gaps between his teeth, so I forgive him everything.


  1. dude wesman is totally there. ahhhh it's driving us crazy! but yeah he's damn cute so whatever

  2. Surely my Amelia will never do such things. ;-)

    And Mr. Blue is just adorable!! Too bad he and Amelia are going to grow up together, otherwise.... Do you think we can convince them arranged marriages are in their best interest?