Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Wimps

We just found out that our school district will be closed tomorrow--the FOURTH day in a row--due to snow, yes, but mostly because of ice that is staying on the roads because the temperatures have stayed below freezing even during the daytime. We are just not used to this in Texas. I can't remember ever being out of school for this many days in a row. Another teacher just posted this graph on the school bulletin board and I had to laugh's true. We are total wimps when it comes to real winter conditions. (Click on the graph to enlarge.)

We were SO excited Tuesday. Spent most of the day in our PJs, drinking hot cocoa, toasting our toes in front of the fire, reading to the kids. Pretty happy on Wednesday. Tried to attend a business meeting Justin and I both had to be at, which the other person then abruptly canceled (after demanding that we come on Tuesday in the first place--it certainly wasn't our idea!) and insisted we reschedule for today. So I was kind of relieved I didn't have to take off work for it since school was closed anyway. Miss Pink threw up last night starting after dinner until 4:15 am. Took care of the meeting today and stopped to get a few groceries and some fast food for everyone who felt like eating (i.e. not Miss Pink, who although she has not thrown up anymore today, has not eaten anything either. She has kept down water and Sprite so at least she is not dehydrated.) I definitely resemble the person on Day 3 and hope I will not look like Day 4 tomorrow. Because if I fall down, the kids will jump up and down on top of me. And then fight over who gets to be the one jumping on Mommy. Because they just love me SO MUCH.

I mean, how ridiculous that I haven't even finished a blog post since Tuesday. I certainly hope fate doesn't decide to make me catch Miss Pink's virus (Mr. Blue had the same thing last Friday) and miss work when the weather finally improves!

Ironically, the icemaker in our fridge decided to (mostly) stop working. We had to buy ice cube trays.



  1. Ooh I love that graph!

    I didn't realise you were in Texas! Darn. I've been imagining you with a whole different accent from the one you probably have. This is going to mess with my head.

  2. Sorry - I also meant to say I'm thinking of you stuck in the snow, hope the "cabin fever" resolves and you are allowed "out of your cabin" soon!