Monday, March 14, 2011

Losing My Voice

My poor neglected blog. I just haven't known what to write about. Part of the problem is that I'm hard on myself: as in telling myself, "No one would find THAT interesting!" And it's true, I don't have a life full of adventures and beautiful pictures, as most popular blogs do, but I also enjoy reading about mundane events, if the writer has a unique voice and tells the truth about his or her experience. And I just haven't had the extra energy to put my voice out there and try to write something worth reading.

But it's Spring Break, so I don't have an excuse for not posting at least something. I got to sleep in a little this morning, but we spent the afternoon going to the bank, the library, Goodwill, and the grocery store, but the kids were happy enough since the errands included books and a Barbie and a ball to bounce.

The weather is gorgeous--sunny, in the high 60s--so tomorrow after Mr. Blue gets a much-needed haircut, we are going to have a picnic in the park. I'm also thinking I need to get the copy of Mr. Blue's birth certificate that I will need to register him for kindergarten. (YES, I have had five years to get it and haven't done so. It hasn't exactly been a priority until now! And by the way, who took my baby and turned him into a boy old enough to go to kindergarten?)

And now my brain is officially mush so I am stopping and going to bed. By the way, I HATE losing an hour every spring. I know I'll enjoy having more daylight in the evening eventually, but getting used to it is brutal.


  1. Hi there! I too find it so difficult to blog when I have nothing of note to talk about. Sometimes I find something half-interesting, and then forget what it was and before I know it, my little blog has been forgotten for far too long. Never mind, I will always read whenever you post!

  2. I accidentally ate a corner of my son's birth certificate. (The whole sorry story is on my blog under the "funny stuff" label.)

    Maybe you didn't get his certificate before now FOR ITS OWN SAFETY. Yeah, go with that story!

  3. Love this title - I hear you loud and clear. I have sometimes thought to myself, "I would have so much more time to blog/ scrapbook/ photograph if it weren't for all these damn kids!"

    HA HA HA - what the hell would I write about then?!?!?!!?

    Even the mundane is fun to read if written in a unique voice:) I enjoy your posts and will be following from Central PA:)