Sunday, April 1, 2007


book binge
I'm participating in Mary P's idea of keeping a record of what we read for the month of April and posting a list at the end. Usually I don't do this sort of thing because I imagine that people would think I must be neglecting my children, to be reading so many books.

I don't neglect them, in case you were thinking of calling CPS. (I TRY to neglect them, but they always find me! j/k OF COURSE).

The nice thing about the Internet is that it helps you find your people. And book people are my people. I am also looking forward to getting some good recommendations from the others who are doing this. (As if I need any more books on that list!)


  1. You are not neglecting your children when you read, read, read!!! You are being a good role model. Let's get our priorities straight. Sheesh... :-)

  2. if i can finish one book in the month of april i'll be estatic!

  3. I just sent you an email about us! hehe