Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Potentially Explosive Question

A quick "If" post while the baby is still cooing in his crib; in a minute he will start shaking the bars and I'll have to go.

If you could alter one physical characteristic of your mate, what would you change?

As usual, I'm going to overexplain my answer. After ten years together, I am so accustomed to everything about my husband's appearance that I wouldn't change any of the usual things one might think of. I wouldn't give him more hair or change any of his facial features. I like those things about him; I married him, after all! HE would want me to wish that he had six pack abs and a size-29 waist like he did when we met; however, the small love handles don't bother me (but if he gets a big gut, then something will have to change!)

So I'm going to say: I'd wish that his skin wasn't so oily so that he wouldn't get blackheads on his back that itch him. Because he scratches a lot, and sometimes it wakes me up. There.

Answer at your own risk. (Pfaff, I already know what you and your wife would change. But you can answer anyway, if you want to.)


  1. yeah, C would change her boobs (and i'd be ok w/ that, however i really don't think it's necessary)

    i think if i could magically give her skinny ankles and thighs i would.

    i think she would say she would want me to have hair, but you'd have to ask her... that's probably just me.

  2. I love his less-than-perfection. The only things I'd change are the two things that cause him physical discomfort. (His posture gives him neck pain and his quirky sinuses are prone to infection.)

    He, on the other hand, would probably choose to live with these things if he could somehow manage a late-life growth spurt and get to be six feet tall!