Thursday, April 5, 2007


I finished a book for the April Book Binge: Firedrake's Eye by Patricia Finney. It felt like I was slogging away there for a while--it's an Elizabethan spy novel, so it's not written in the more straightforward English we're used to reading--but it got exciting and I finished it last night.

On to the next book: Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner. I love her books, and this one is a new direction for her: a SAHM is murdered and another mommy has to investigate. (So far it's nothing like Desperate Housewives, for which I'm thankful.)

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  1. Hey! It's Kate (togethertorches) from Xanga. I wanted to tell you that I just read The Night Gardener on your recommendation. I absolutely loved it... so much, in fact, that I read it in one sitting instead of doing homework. My boyfriend had to wave his hand between my face and the book to get my attention. Hurrah for good fiction and the zombie-like state it brings with it.