Monday, July 2, 2007

HairlineFracture Recommends

Hey everybody! I hope you had a good weekend. Me, I'm just looking forward to the end of the swimming lessons we've been having for the past two weeks--we never knew when we woke up if we were going to be rained out that day. We have three make-up lessons this week and then no more driving 35 minutes away! Yeah! (But it was worth it, the teacher is great, and Miss Pink is swimming a little bit.)

Anyway, that wasn't the point of this post. I feel like recommending some things I like. Just like Oprah's favorite things, except I can't afford to give them to you. Sorry about that. You can feel free to ignore them, if you like. Way too many of them are food, by the way.

1) Athenos whole wheat pita chips. Dang, but these are addictive. Note to self: just because they are whole wheat does not mean you can eat the whole bag.

2) Evan Almighty. A sweet, pleasantly funny movie that probably won't appeal to people who want cerebral humor. But it has a nice message (it's about faith, about doing what you believe God wants you to do even when it seems crazy to everyone else) and I love Steve Carell and Lauren Graham. Plus it was the first movie my husband and I have been able to see in a theater for a long time, so of course I was going to like it.

3) Diana Krall's music. It's not jazz jazz. She just has the sexiest female voice since Sade, that's all. Very nice.

4) The Villa Pizza at the Northeast Mall in Hurst. The pizza was decent for mall fare--but you get a huge slice with the kids' meal, which along with the drink and bag of cookies fed both of my kids. But the surprising thing was the Spring Mix salad which came with my slice: mixed baby greens, red onion, asparagus (!), crumbled bacon, and mozzarella cheese served with Ken's Steak House balsamic vinaigrette. Really good! So although I don't suggest making a special trip, if you're there, it's worth a try. Oh, and the lunchtime service was excellent: fast and polite.

5) The kids' TV show "Peep." It comes on Discovery Kids, I think. It's funny (an egomaniacal blue duck is funny, I don't care who you are) and has subtle educational elements, mostly about scientific things like the sun or how shadows are made. And Joan Cusack is the narrator. I LOVE Joan Cusack! Since it comes on early in the morning, we TiVo this every day and Miss Pink watches it during Save Mommy's Sanity time--I mean Mr. Blue's nap time.

Okay, that's probably enough for now. We must go to swimming lessons. If it doesn't rain--and that's a big if.


  1. fyi: my boss's wife teaches swim lessons... right here in good ol' burleson. she's really good too, and super sweet.

    call me pathetic call me what you will, but i dig amy winehouse... seriously sexy voice, great feel to her music (of course i've only heard two songs) and who can resist a chick w/ a beehive hairdo and tattoos? not i, not i.

    i've yet to see 'evan saves the planet from the depravity and wasteful energy use of man by planting trees and using CFLs which by the way are more hazardous to the environment than regular bulbs because of the high mercury levels'

    (but wait, that's not as catchy... let's call it...hmmmm evan almighty) i probably should before i judge it too harshly though... woops, too late. i do love carell though, and wanda sikes... soooo i'm sure i'll get around to it eventually

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with Evan Almighty and Diana Krall. I have several of her CDs if you want to borrow them.

  3. spamalot huh... you sure it's not a musical about those annoying emails? haha