Tuesday, August 7, 2007

One of Those Days

Some days, I am filled with a mystical sense of wonder that I have such an amazing life. On those days, my heart wells up with gratitude when I see my kids' smiling faces or give my husband a hug. On those days, I think, How did I get so lucky? Every little thing seems to be another example of grace, of the inexplicable gift that makes it possible to make a good life in this broken world. Those are great days.

This has not been one of those days.

First of all, it has gotten really freaking hot (duh, it's Texas, what do I expect?) and I had no energy today. I can't just slack off with the housework; I have to feel guilty about it. It is really the dog days of summer and there is an entire month until Miss Pink goes back to preschool. Last week I was in Louisiana counting the days until I got home, and now that I'm back I'm at a loose end. My best friend and playdate partner (i.e. sanity saver) is on vacation and I don't know what I'm going to do to keep the kids occupied for the rest of the week.

Second, I went to the doctor today for a routine checkup and found out that I, like practically every woman in the world, weigh more than I want to. Crap. I LIKE eating. Now I can't do as much of it.

Third, my husband is dealing with some stuff with his business which I can't discuss here. It looks like everything will work out all right but in the meantime we have to wait and see, which is not fun. I am just glad I am on anti-anxiety medication, is what I'm saying.

Fourth and finally (I promise), Miss Pink has her glasses and she alternates between liking them and NOT liking them. It has nothing to do with the looks of them; it's because they're uncomfortable, she says. I am letting her wear them some and go without them for a while, as the doctor recommended, but by the end of the week she needs to be wearing them full-time. She cried for a while today and I just held her and told her I knew it was hard but she does really have to wear them and that she will get used to them and they won't bother her at all, I promise. Dear Lord, but it's hard when you have to make your kid do something that is good for them that they don't understand.

So. End complaining. I do realize that in the grand scheme of things, these are tiny little problems that will not matter this time next year, or even next week.

All I'm saying is that I could do with one of those days. Just to make it a little easier.


  1. word... i'm just thankful the heat has held off as long as it has. (i mean, when was the last time you remember it raining in august?) but it def. makes me more irritable when i come home and it's 80 in the house.

    the glasses thing is hard... i'm just so glad that at 14 i was finally able to convince my mom to let me get contacts. glasses ARE uncomfortable i don't care how 'weightless' etc. they are.

  2. Do you go to Dr. Etier? Because that guy thinks the whole world is fat. Hang in there, sis...it gets better.