Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why I Am Becoming an Exercise Addict

So I've been going to the local fitness center with a two-week free pass. This is the second week, and I've been going almost every day, for--wait for it--an hour at a time.

I haven't worked out for a hour four times a week since one semester in college when I was REQUIRED to take an aerobics class. I haven't worked out for more than an hour a week since Mr. Blue was born.

It's kind of addictive, to tell you the truth.

What could make an admittedly slothful person go to the gym so much? And like it, even when she is just a leeeetle sore everywhere below the neck and above the knees?

Three words: FREE CHILD CARE.

I make the appointments for the upcoming week with the Kids Klub people (don't get me started on "kreative" misspelling of names), which reinforces the idea that I really DO have to get up off the couch and go. Then at the appointed time I drop them off, with their labeled cups and snacks, and...ah. Kid-free time. I used to have to work out during Mr. Blue's nap time/Miss Pink's TV time. I resented it because it was my only free time, and I'd rather spend it reading blogs writing the Great American Novel than (bleah) working out. Then the piles of clean laundry and dirty floors were always lying there accusingly, saying, You should be taking care of us instead of prancing around in Spandex (I agreed about the Spandex).

Today at the gym I read two copies of Us magazine on the stationary bike. The 30 minutes just sped by--nothing like brain candy to make time fly. Then I did some lower body exercises, stretched, and called it a day. By that time I was happy to pick the kids up, feed them lunch, and play with them until Mr. Blue's nap time.

And now I have more time to waste on the Internet. What's not to like about that?

P.S. Unintentionally funny blurb from Us stating that Jordin Sparks, the American Idol winner, and Ugly Betty's America Ferrara look alike: both have long dark hair, big smiles, and both "claim to embrace their curves." Subtext: "They CLAIM to, but we the editors know that nobody over a size 4 can ACTUALLY love their body. And here are 900 pictures of girls who starve themselves/throw up after meals/are genetic freaks to show you how you SHOULD look!"

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