Monday, June 9, 2008

Week in Review, 6/1--6/7

I wasn't going to do a review of this week, but once I started posting, I figured I might as well at least do a short update. I'm glad to be back!


1. My MIL has a 12-week-old miniature schnauzer puppy, and my SIL got his sister. SO CUTE. Miss Pink was crazy about the puppies--she's never met a dog she didn't like. Mr. Blue has been scared of dogs lately, so he didn't want to be too close to Jacques and Molly at first, but after a couple of days he petted and even held them.

2. The kids started swimming lessons today and they did great. Mr. Blue whimpered at first but then rallied and was kicking up a storm while I held his arms. He likes it and wants to go back--a relief after he kept telling me all morning he didn't want to get in the big pool. Miss P was a trouper, too. Last year she screamed nonstop the entire first week. What a difference this time.

Not liking
1. Justin and I went out for our anniversary. Rather than go to a romantic, dimly lit bistro, we went to one of our favorite places--a loud, boisterous seafood restaurant with rolls of paper towels on the table to mop up juice from the boiled crawfish. We had fried popcorn shrimp and shrimp pistolettes--which is a small French roll fried crisp and stuffed with shrimp etoufee. Mmmm-MMM! So why is this on the "bad" side? Apparently my delicate digestive system did not like my food as much as my taste buds did and I spent most of the night in the bathroom. Justin was fine, by the way. Jerk.

2. I'm tired today, and we have two more weeks of driving 30 minutes to swimming lessons, two hours of lessons, one of which I have to be in the pool for, then back home--not to mention schlepping all the towels and stuff over there. And the house is a mess. /end whine.

3. I tried on a pair of shorts that fit last year and...they don't fit well. I can button them, but the rear view is frightening and they are WAY too tight. Justin and I are going to have to start watching what we eat--not a diet exactly, but smaller portions, less Coke, fewer treats. What works for me is recording everything I eat and staying in the recommended calorie range most days. I'll be back in the gym when the swimming lessons are over, but I've been working out for months and my butt still grew too big for my britches, so clearly it does take diet and exercise. Who knew?


  1. I keep thinking my young genes are going to kick again and then my old jeans just get sucked up my butt! Sad times for us...pass the ice-cream!

  2. Okay, for some reason I read "shorts" as "shoes," and I was all, why don't her shoes fit? Did she gain weight in her feet? Nice proofreading career I've got going.

    At any rate, thanks for visiting my ridiculous blog. Now I have to read yours here at work, which is good cause they clearly should not have me proofread today.

  3. Uh huh, your bad things are my bad things, poor you...I'm commiserating not a laugh in the world here!!!
    But congrats on your good week...way to go!

  4. Oh, I love weeks in review. And now I'm craving seafood. The place down the street is having their "bucketful" promo. You know, bucket full of You get it all in buckets. Yeah, does my shorts no favors either.

  5. As you may have guessed, I'm a huge sucker for mini schnauzer puppies! Not that I need another schnauzer, but OMG, the cuteness!

  6. The swimming lessons are so worth it. The best way is lots of days in a row like you are doing it.

    Sorry about the night in the bathroom..of course Justin was fine.. men have that stomach of steel thing going.

    I see Twilight on your shelf....

  7. Oooo, sorry about the stomach trouble. Hopefully your taste buds are still thankful for the experience.