Monday, June 23, 2008

Week in review, 6/15--6/21


1. Swimming lessons are over. A huge relief for me, but it was worth it. Miss Pink is doing well and can swim across the pool—and even to the Waterfall of Doom—without any problems. Mr. Blue—well, he got through it. The last two days were a little less screamy. He does like to pretend to dunk his stuffed dog (fortunately not anywhere near real water like, say, the toilet). Mr. B says, “One two three,” then hugs the puppy and says, “Good job, puppy! It’s otay.” I guess the bajillion times I said those words did sink in on some level.

2. Some money we were waiting for, from leasing our mineral rights, came through. Have y’all ever had a bank draft? They’re a pain in the tookus. You take it in to the bank and fill out a bunch of paperwork, and then wait 30 banking days, which is like 45 calendar days. After that, when the money hasn’t been deposited in your account, you call to check and it turns out that the issuing bank, which has been holding the draft, has to mail the draft back and that takes over a week to arrive. In the electronic age, I ask you, what is the freaking point of this rigmarole? Couldn’t they just cut us a check? It’s not like the gas company doesn’t have enough in their account to cover it. Anyway, it’s there now and we are going to use it to build a playroom onto the back of the house. Stay tuned for more details; I’m sure y’all will enjoy hearing about how WELL I handle a remodeling project going on in my house.

3. My parents went to visit with some friends, and the woman owns a children’s boutique. My mom, who considers it her personal mission to shop for her grandchildren’s clothes, bought the kids a couple of adorable outfits each. I am very blessed to have such generous parents.


1. I always wanted Miss Pink to learn to entertain herself some of the time. I did not realize that would mean she would take every single toy out of her room and move them into other rooms to “decorate” them.

2. I regret the day I got the idea to let Mr. Blue watch monster truck videos on YouTube. Now it’s all he wants to do, and he throws a hissy fit when you tell him no. We still tell him no a lot, because there is only so much time we want to spend playing new videos for him (or the same one over and over) even though it makes him happy.

3. I’d like some better shows on TV, or else that Justin and I could get the kids in bed early enough to feel like watching a movie. The last one we watched was The Bourne Supremacy, which we kept for two months before we sent it back to Netflix. That means it cost us $10. I hope it was worth it. I wouldn’t know because I fell asleep during the middle and never did catch back up on the plot.


  1. Hooray for extra money even if it took a long time to get! Swimming lessons over sounds like a good thing too considering how much time it took.

  2. I loved the Bourne movies but my husband ended up hating them 'cause he had to tell me every five minutes what was going on and who was who. What am I, five?

    EXTRA money? huh?

  3. I agree about tv. House, The Tudors, and an occasional Learning Channel show. That's about all I ever watch anymore.

  4. I found Ebaby placing stuffed animals all over my room the other day. When I asked her what she was doing, she told me she was just trying to make my room beautiful.

  5. $$$ 'ching ching' that's my favourite guest! I hope more will come my way too....

    3 cheers for more money!

  6. I fall asleep during every Bourne movie. Now, I don't feel so alone.

  7. My girls are gone at their dad's & grandparents for the summer. So I get to watch whatever tv I want... yesterday I found myself watching... Zoey 101...

  8. Oh my...I remember the summer days of childhood with fondness...for my own and for my my Granddaughter gives me pause,lol...sadly we don't see her nearly enough!

  9. We don't ever rent movies anymore because I can't stay up for 2 hours past the kids' bedtime. So sad....

    You must have gotten a lot more for your signing bonus than we did. Curses that we were so prompt in signing that lease!!