Monday, June 30, 2008

Week in Review, 6/22--6/29


1. We had a busy but fun weekend. We went to the kid-friendly waterpark with our church’s children’s ministry on Friday night, Justin worked some on Saturday after we went out for breakfast, then his mother, aunt, and niece went out to dinner with us that night. It was a nice visit and they had a lot of fun talking to my chatterbox kiddos. Then a nice dinner after church with friends; a trip to the grocery store for me because I’ll do anything to go without the kids; and finally dinner at my friend L’s house and a swim in their subdivision’s pool (this time she didn’t lock us into the pool area.) Mr. Blue loves the water now, and it looks like Miss Pink will be part fish by summer’s end.

2. So far this part of the summer has been a nice mix of lounging around in our PJs, going swimming, to the gym, and to playgroup, and at-home art and make-believe projects. Miss Pink has started a “school project” to give her kindergarten teacher. It’s a list of all Miss P’s favorite things, because apparently that will make her teacher “feel welcome.” So I am spelling things like “sunflower” and “couscous” all the time.


1. My plans to eat a) healthier and b) less were completely shot down this weekend. (Notice all the times I mentioned we ate out? Yeah.) But I did only have one dessert. Okay, two if you count the package of cookies and I guess I should.

2. I get songs from Blue’s Clues stuck in my head far more often than is healthy for an adult.


  1. UGH! Hate earworms and I can't even imagine Blue's Clue's earworms. Actually wait, I can because I leave it on for the dogs so they won't be bored when I leave! Glad it was a good weekend. Eating out is fun, especially because someone else gets to do the dishes! Any new restaurants I should know about?

  2. Hmm...eating out...that's a summer time thing to do, so I'd include that in the "fun" things...and Blues Clues? Nah, give me Roly Poly Ollie any time day or night!

  3. Vanessa: I LOVE the idea of calling songs that get stuck in your head earworms! And how cute are you, putting on Blue's Clues for the dogs since there's a (cartoon) dog in it?

    Sandi: Yes, it was fun--at least until I can't fit into any of my clothes!

  4. We'll be somewhere not too far from Highland Village. Today I found a rental agent who is friends of a friend (thank goodness) so we'll know probably something more by the end of this week or next. But you're not far from where we'll be ;)

    Eating out sounds heavenly - we're stuck at home eating food trying to get rid of it all before we move LOL

  5. Are you kidding! I love the Blue Clue's cd with the silly hat song on it! That is pure gold. I can really jump around to that one, even without my kids. Do you have that one? OK, got a little too excited at that one. Don't like Joe. Steve is my buddy. Joe's just a wanna be. (sorry, I must be 5)

  6. Hey, not a bad week! So, I see you breezed through New Moon.. did I tell you...CRACKLITURE.

    How brilliant is it when the pages go by with just the months written on them. I had to peek at the end to make sure I saw "his" name....

  7. Looks like a really fun family weekend!

    (hey girl, there's an award for you over at my blog, go claim it!)

  8. I get that Dora "Backpack" song stuck in my head.
    "Back-pack, back-pack..."

    You're welcome.