Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Macbeth 2: Return of Macbeth

This was written as part of an assignment called "The 32-Second Macbeth" in which my Pre-AP sophomores acted out the shortest version of Macbeth ever. Then groups took an act of the play and tried to get it down to 32 seconds, using short, punchy lines to capture the main actions and speeches of the act.

One of my students asked if he could write a sequel to Macbeth. Since I wasn't taking a grade anyway (this activity, while still good for their summarizing skills, was a reward for all the tests and papers they've been doing) I said sure.

Tell me if you don't agree with my that this young man is AWESOME.

                                            *              *               *

Witches: A twist of fate, to wake the late?
              Rebirth! Macbeth and Duncan again walk the earth!

Macbeth: Man not born of woman has failed to end me? My kingship is writ in stone, then! Today's king must step down, this Obama! So foul and fair a day I've seen once before!

Lady Macbeth: Resex me! Macbeth, die, for causing my insanity! (Macbeth dies)

Obama: Good thing he has free health insurance...(dies)

Lady: By their murders, I am now queen!

Macduff: Gather, army, kill the wicked queen!

Obama's Ghost: I'm Obama's ghost! Socialism!

Lady: Insanity! A little water...will never help! Goodbye, lit world! Out brief candle! (dies)

Macduff: Duncan, recrowned! Oh wow! It's Gary Coleman!

Gary Coleman: What you talkin' 'bout, Macduff? I'm Gary Coleman from TV's "Diff'rent Strokes." Bye! (Macduff dies)

Witches: It seems that everything has ended up the same. Fate must be real!

Witch 1: I always knew Gary Coleman would have something to do with it!


  1. Good grief. Watch out for that kid...

  2. Ha! There's always one crazy-smart kid in every high school English claass, eh?