Friday, July 27, 2007

Girls Who Wear Glasses

Yesterday I took Miss Pink to the opthamologist because she had been squinting for quite a while. I’d taken her to her doctor a few months ago and she passed the vision test they do. However, the doctor saw a small scratch on her cornea, so they put a patch on her eye. That child screamed like a possessed banshee and it took three of us to hold her down. Fun fun fun.The next day we returned and they said the patch worked. Yay, problem solved, right? For a month or so everything seemed fine. Then she started squinting again. More unnerving, a few times her right eye turned in toward the center so it looked like she was crossing her eyes on purpose, but she wasn’t.

My parents had been worried about the squinting (I think my mom was fearing a brain tumor; she always jumps to the worst possible conclusion) but it wasn’t until Miss P’s eyes crossed that I got a referral to the opthamologist (I’m such a slacker mom. But really it was only a week and a half or so). I was hoping it was something simple, like…needing glasses. I resolutely refused to believe we’d need a neurology referral. Unlike my mom, I try base my fears on evidence, and Miss P wasn’t having blackouts or headaches or anything like that. Just squinting. Of course, bad news does happen, and I’m thankful it was just something easily correctable.

Miss Pink will now sport some spectacles. Guess which color she wants her glasses to be?

I don’t remember the technical term, but basically she’s farsighted. That’s why she squinted more at the TV than when coloring or reading. (She wouldn’t tell me when her vision was blurry because she thought she’d have to have another eye patch—OH THE HORROR!) The eye was turning inward to try to focus more. If left untreated, it would get worse, but there’s a good chance that she will outgrow it after wearing the glasses for a while.

Best of all, she doesn’t mind at all. She’s totally cool with it (best part of being four, I guess). I started noticing little girls with glasses yesterday, including the ones in the doctor’s office, and their glasses were cute and tiny, not at all those ugly eighties plastic frames that always looked too big on a kid’s face. And guess what color all of the girls had picked?

Good thing it looks like there will be plenty of options to choose from.


  1. i didn't have the ugly plastic ones... i had the ugly 'gold' aviators. (when it wasn't cool, no not at all) when i finally convinced mom i was responsible enough for contacts (at 14) my life finally began.

    my question is... since everything in her room is pink... if she takes of her glasses in her room, will she be able to find them? ha ha

  2. As a girl who wore glasses, I must tell you, those frames that look cute today, will look horrible in pictures tomorrow... well, after a bunch of tomorrows. I don't mean to be a downer here, because I'd take good vision and non-crossing-eyes over fashion anyday, but I'm just warning you. Take it from me, who has had many a person laugh hysterically at my old pictures. Of course, I also didn't have a Mom who would save me from glasses that weren't even in style when I picked them out, as I bitterly throw in her face to this day. ;-)