Monday, July 23, 2007

Reviews and Other Book Notes

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Yesterday I had a nap, so I have no complaints.

I have a book review up here. I recommend both of these books.

I forgot to tell everyone I had a blog post up Friday here. It's about how to find time to read when you don't have time to read (only slightly exaggerated for comic effect.) I really have locked myself in the bathroom to finish a chapter!

Thanks to those who commented on my post about Harry Potter. After my defense of the HP books, I haven't read (or even ordered) the book. I'll wait till it's in the library. I don't have the funds to buy many books. I only buy the ones I've read and love. It's like a marriage (does that make me a polygamist?) I'll probably buy the whole HP set at some point for my kids to enjoy when they get older.

That's all. I'll post again when I have something to say other than book stuff.

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