Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Wow, judging from the nonscientific sample size of two of my friends, glasses as a kid are no fun! Oh well...it's not like we had a choice. We picked out her glasses yesterday and we like them. I guess I am trying to be super positive about having glasses (although not in an annoying way, just when she brings it up, telling her how cute and smart she looks in them, and how it will help her eyes get better) so she will wear them. When we get them in a week, I'll try to post some pics. She can hate the pictures later!

In other news, we are going to Louisiana tomorrow so Justin can work on his mom's house for the rest of the week. I am a little unenthused (if that's a word) about going. I haven't been there since the onset of the postpartum depression, so I guess I'm associating my MIL's house with Bad Feelings. There are other issues--their family is much more dysfunctional than it appeared when I married him--so this is definitely more of an obligation than a vacation. (Hey, that rhymed.) Even for Justin, which is sad, really. Lest you think I am being a jerk, I honestly believe the passive-aggressive weirdness is on their side. I am capable of being nice and cheerful while being there. Now just let me repeat that seven hundred times and I should be fine.

Plus, I am borrowing my brother's copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. They are used to me having my nose in a book, so no one will mind if I am reading a lot.

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  1. It's on the chair at mom's house. Hope you like it.