Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Halls Are Decked (At Least Partly)

Well, I've succeeded at Officially Getting into the Christmas Spirit. It's always a relief when I manage to do it. One year it didn't happen until around December 20, and even I was worried. Of course, that was one of the years when we went on the Mandatory Ski Trips of Too Much Family Togetherness, which I do not have time to discuss today.

Here's how I know I'm ready to start feeling the Christmas love.

1. I start writing and talking in phrases with too many capital letters. (See above paragraph for examples.)

2. I'm mentally planning all the holiday goodies I'm going to bake. Let's just say that with everything I want to make, I need to be giving a LOT of the bounty away, or Mrs. Claus won't fit in the chimney.

3. I perked up quite a bit when Justin's side of the family decided that the adults wouldn't exchange gifts this year. Look, I'm not really a Scrooge, but gifts are not my Love Language (I wasn't kidding about the capitalizing) and the thought of planning, buying, wrapping, shipping, and let's not forget affording all of those gifts when like everybody else we're in a financial crunch--and doing it all by myself because that is apparently why men get married, not that I'm bitter after eleven years!--well, it was a relief, that's all. I will happily buy gifts for the kids and I'm making a photo book for the grandparents as I write this. And then I only have one Amazon order, one trip to Target (or an online order if my items qualify for free shipping) and one trip to Starbucks to make and that's it.

4. I'm listening to the Christmas music station in the car. I only change it on commercials and if "The Little Drummer Boy" comes on. I hate how that song gets stuck in my head. Ironically, I have a little drummer boy of my own this year. I'd rather listen to him than that song, actually.

5. Last year I read somewhere about reading a different Christmas story every night of December. And then I forgot about it until most of the Christmas books were checked out of the library. But yesterday at the library someone had left out a book titled "A Story a Day Until Christmas" and so we can do it this year! Mr. Blue was more interested in wrestling with Daddy, which is what they usually do on our bed, but you've got to start sometime. And Miss Pink enjoyed it.

5. I can't put the tree up for a couple of weeks because Justin is trying to see how much of the floor he can get finished. I told him he has until the second week of the month, and then it is going up no matter what. since the tree is the main part of my decorating. I just have never been able to get myself to put up a lot of other decorations. Today, I started getting out the Christmas hand towels and the candles and putting the china Nativity scene up on the mantel. (I just looked at the front door wreath which is on a shelf in the garage, and it needs serious help. I think insulation from the attic fell down on it. Yikes.)

So here I am, making a list and checking it twice obsessively, looking forward to good baking smells and the shining eyes of children, to ancient carols and new memories. Hoping to make it a December to remember.



  1. Ooooooooooooooohmygoodness, the family ski trip. Yes. That was Christmas last year, but never, ever, again, if I get the least little say in it. I'm not all about the Grandparent-Sponsored Family Togetherness Vacations where you Must Have Fun, No Matter What, Even If You Hate Snow or else you will be sent on a Guilt Trip of Ungratefulness that's twice as many miles as the flight to Sacramento.

    The latest idea from last week was for everyone to go back to Cali over New Year's 2010 for the Rose Parade or whatevertheheck it's called. I think I might conveniently break my a major bone instead.

  2. This reminds me of a conversation we had yesterday at work about decorations. It made me feel quite inadequate to hear what others have done. Oh well!

  3. I am SO with you on the online shopping thing. I spent Black Friday in my pajamas, making spice pancakes as a Cranberry Sauce Delivery Vehicle.

    Hey, capitals!

  4. You are a better Christmas'er (a new word) than me.

    I just am not into it.

    I think it's because we are going to a cabin this year...

  5. There sure are a lot of people havind Trouble getting into the Spirit this year....

    I'm Glad you found It!!!

  6. I'm so glad that the spirit has taken you! It takes me a bit, too...I'm not really into it till about November 1st...yes, I said November...sorry...hope you'll be posting about your decorations soon!

  7. It's wonderful, isn't it? The lights and the candles and the wreaths and all? I love it all!