Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Regular Exercise

This week I realized that I've done a pretty good job of keeping my New Year's resolution to go to the gym regularly. I don't say that boastfully at all--in fact, I'm pretty surprised at myself. For those who wish they could work out more often but are too busy, I understand why you can't, especially if you're a working parent. You come home tired at the end of the day, and you need to spend the last drops of your energy with your munchkins, not on the treadmill. But as a SAHM who spends way too much plenty of quality time with my kids, I figured that I had no excuse when I had access to a gym with inexpensive memberships and child care.

Of course, it's kind of disappointing to realize that I haven't lost any weight. I don't really HAVE to, but show me the woman who doesn't think she needs to lose five pounds, and I'll show you a man. (Kidding! If you have a healthier body image than I do and love yourself at your current weight, that's great.) Neither have I decreased my body fat percentage or even noticeably toned up. This is probably because I haven't pushed myself all that hard. One of my mottoes (I have many) is, "No pain...is good." I have worked up to increasing the resistance to level 4 on the treadmill and I can go 15 minutes on the elliptical machine now. One of these days I'll even be able to beat the senior citizens around the track! (Kidding again. I can totally lap most of them.)

Honestly, it's fine with me to only be moderately fit. I have no interest in running a marathon or even running at all. Another one of my mottoes is, "I don't run unless the safety of a child is involved." THEN I can haul butt. But I don't want to run for exercise. Runners always talk about how great it is and the "runner's high," but I've never seen one of them look like they're enjoying their run. They always have this grimace on their emaciated face, like it's a Death Run with armed guards forcing them to keep going beyond a normal endurance level. No, THANK you.

I'm most thankful that exercise has allowed me to stay in the same size of clothes while eating plenty of treats along with the healthy stuff that I do enjoy. Life without chocolate would be a life with no meaning for me, and if I have to sweat for an hour a few times a week so that my obsession and I can be together, well then, BRING IT ON.



  1. One of the secretaries here at work ran/walked a 100 mile race a couple of weeks ago. It's not a three-day deal like the breast cancer walk -- it's all in ONE DAY. If I had room here, I'd tell you all the details about the effect it had on her body, but suffice it to say it was bad. Seriously, I think she's a little crazy. I mean, you would have to be, right?!

  2. This is awesome! I say be as comfortable as possible with your body. And any physical activity is better than none, although with two little ones I have a hard time thinking you have a sedate lifestyle! (If I can ask, what gym is it? You say it has reasonable membership rates.)

  3. I like your attitude. I couldn't muster any more than that but I sure wish that lately I could muster that much. (Thanks for all of the readymade excuses!)

  4. Wow, I could have written that whole post myself. Well, except for the part about actually having exercised this past year. I haven't done that. :-P

    But I feel so good when I do, even if I don't see the tangible results. I do need to say, though, that two years ago (before I conceived #2) I started running. I went from being a complete running-hater to a running-appreciater. I trained for a Susan G Komen 5k for 2 monhs and was able to run the whole thing without stopping to walk. And I know it was only a little over 3 miles, but that was a Big Deal for me, having never run more than 1 mile even halfheartedly before that.

    So your opinion of running can change, but I needed a goal to change it for. And I never got to the point where I liked running... but I did like the feeling I had when I'd run as far as I'd wanted without having to stop.

    Good for you for sticking with it for so long!

  5. I try to go to the gym regularly too and mostly I like it. I"ve often thought about getting into running but at this point in my life I think it's a lost cause. I'm getting older, 37 ya know, and more brittle every day!

  6. Fit is fit, so you're doing great...I'm proud of you. I, of course, work out daily...well, not really...it just feels that way!

  7. That's awesome! Please exercise for me... I clearly can't be bothered to get off my tush and stay healthy.

    Rock on!

  8. Running has never appealed to me. It's just too jarring.

    I am totally with you on the exercising regularly but not losing weight thing-- I like my treats.

    The problem arose when I let my gym membership lapse for frugality reasons, but I kept right on treating myself. Hello, ten pounds. Sigh.

    My big Christmas present this year is a bicycle trailer for the boys, though, so hopefully I can get back into a semblance of shape.

  9. I need some of your positive exercise mojo!

  10. You make me feel like getting my rear off this chair and moving!! Thanks for the inspiration, I sorely need it and so does my body.

    Thanks for visiting my blog -- I adore SITS and am so glad I found you guys!