Friday, May 15, 2009

At Least It Would Be Easy to Decide What to Wear

I deliberately stayed off the computer until now so Mr. Blue and I could have some quality time hanging out at home. But I do have a fun question for you today.

If you could keep only one article of clothing you currently own and the rest were to be thrown out, what would you keep?

Now I can't help overthinking the question, which by specifying one article of clothing, could lead to embarrassing situations if you had to choose between a top or pants. We girls could wear a dress, but that's not exactly practical in some situations. So I'm going to assume you get a basic top or pants to go with your favorite.

If I'm only going to get one piece of clothing, it has to be comfortable. So I'll say workout pants--my current favorite pair is lightweight, black with white stripes down the side, and they don't fit too tightly. I do wear workout clothes almost every day, at least part of the day. But thank goodness I don't actually have to make this choice!



  1. I can narrow it down to 4 essentials, does this include undergarments?!?
    I live in tshirts and jeans. I can't do one without the other.

  2. My sky blue chemise. So cute, silky and comfy.

  3. I am far too OCD to narrow down to one item - I must have categories. But I'll play by your rules out loud :D

    My one thing right now is my current favorite t-shirt, sunny yellow with a little dude leaping & saying:
    "I'm so adjective, I verb nouns!"

  4. My favorite jeans, stretchy, but sadly the bum is falling out.

  5. Well, the question doesn't preclude replacing your wardrobe, and it doesn't say you have to wear this article of clothing exclusively for the rest of your life, so I choose my favorite suit, which is black with a bit of pink flecks. I can't actually fit into it right now, though. - Leann

  6. I want to know why you were contemplating this question? I would also choose comfy pants of some sort (if I could have a top) if not I would choose a jersey knit dress.

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  8. Right now my favorite thing is this really nice teal-colored, silky BCBG shirt that I got on mega-sale at Dillard's. It would go with any essential bottom from jeans to a skirt, etc. I love it!

  9. Oh my fuzzy jammies that Good Sister gave to me in the hospital...I was so cold, couldn't get warm They were like having someone's arms around me. Yes, definitely my fuzzy jammies...great question!

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