Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday Fill-ins #157

1. Last night we had appetizers for dinner, watched the movie Up and America's Funniest Home Videos and then watched the ball drop in New York and pretended it was midnight so the kids would go to sleep. Justin and I did stay up till midnight after they went to bed.
2. I am looking forward to making the most of this year.
3. The funniest thing is listening to my husband and children tease each other.
4. Here we stand at a where do we go from here?
5. He said tomAYto; she said tomAHto.
6. Every cloud has a silver lining and it's up to us to find it.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having takeout Chinese for dinner with my parents, tomorrow my plans include getting the house in shape before school starts on Monday and Sunday, I want to plan menus and get groceries for the week!



  1. I enjoyed your list! You're more imaginative than I was. LOL

  2. I loved your list. Number 3 is my favorite. Happy New Year!

  3. Love your list!

    2 of our kids stayed up til midnight here, and actually slept in a bit this morning!

  4. Ooh - planning menus on Sunday; that is one of my so-called resolutions...

    Sounds like you've had fun & continue to do so :D

  5. Great list Alison. Happy New Year!

  6. Great list! And sounds like a fun New Year's Eve. Isn't UP a great movie?

    Hope your weekend works out as you hope and the new year brings everything you're wishing for!

    Happy New Year!