Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Don't Wanna Work Out Like That

Yesterday I didn't get called in to sub. Which surprised me, because I got called the first day back after the holidays (but couldn't go in due to a doctor's appointment.) Amazingly, I was a little disappointed since after two and a half weeks off, I am ready to get back to work (and to get paid!)

I did some things around the house. I couldn't waste time on the computer, because our church was having a Fasting Day. I had decided to give up caffeine and recreational Internet use, since I was planning to work, and I can't be responsible for what I might do to a class of little stinkers without ANY food in my stomach. I figured doing without caffeine and blogs (and Twitter and Facebook, yikes) would be hard enough.

It was. I discovered that almost every site I read on the Internet must be defined as recreational. I checked my email: nothing interesting (and FYI, Victoria's Secret and NY&Co, I have no money to spend on your endless sales anyway). I read some, but Hilary Mantel's novel Wolf Hall, while very well-written, is the story of Thomas Cromwell, the advisor to Henry VIII who made it possible for Henry to justify divorcing Katherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn. And not to give anything away, but I already know how it ends, and it's not good for the protagonist.

(Spoiler alert: anyone who displeases the king gets executed. I just saved you from having to read a book. You're welcome.)

So I decided to work out. I need to tell you that I haven't worked out AT ALL for three six months. I just quit the gym because I was paying $35 a month to never go there. And our DVD player is broken, so I couldn't pop in an exercise DVD. And did you know that it's currently very cold here in Texas? Yeah, I'm so not going out to walk when it's 32 degrees (and that's the high for the day). I got out my underused iPod and broke out the few aerobics moves I remember from my college days and the many DVDs I've tried to follow. I jumped rope (personal best: 1 1/2 minutes before coming to a gasping halt!) I did squats and lunges and crunches and some Pilates moves. And I did it all to songs like "I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That" and "Owner of a Lonely Heart."

 I am positive I looked ridiculous. I do not know how to dance at ALL, due to being raised Pentecostal. Never have I been more glad that no one was around to mock me.

After I had done every move I could think of, I looked at the time on the iPod. Only 20 minutes had gone by.

Good enough, I told myself. After all, I haven't worked out in months. Gotta ease back into it.

And now that my job for today was canceled due to the district delaying school start times till 10, I have no desire to work out again today.



  1. I have a personal NO MORE HENRY VIII vow. I'm only gonna read about the lesser known royals from now on.

    I can't dance at ALL and I wasn't raised Pentecostal. I have no faith-based reason - I just lack any co-ordination at all. It's tragic.

  2. I started my exercise class at work this week, and though my employer offers Zumba classes, but I wisely chose the non-dance-related regular exercise class. I have no desire to go and feel like an idiot for an hour.

  3. I laugh thinking of your Pentacostal moves! ha! (and i send all the best in this new year to you and yours.)

  4. *laugh*
    I love your spoiler alert.
    Now my imagination is running wild thinking of your Pentacostal moves!

  5. I am having a seriously tough time getting back into this post-holiday season. Exercise, work, everything!

    But, maybe this will make you feel happy:

  6. That is so weird. Over here, the sober old-fashioned religions are called "fundamental" and Pentecostals are the wild dancing in the aisles speaking tongues mob!

    Perhaps you should dance like an Aussie Pentecostal! Go nuts! Heck, do a King David... (you know what I'm talking about...)

  7. I want to find a good Henry VIII book...haven't found one yet that I can get through.

    I can dance, but hate doing it without a dvd to go along too. I always feel like I am doing it wrong, or not enough.