Friday, January 18, 2008

Choose Ye

Meme I saw on Mary P. It has one rule: You have to pick one of the two alternatives given for each question. No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes. My choices are shown in bold. Consider yourself tagged if you want to do it!

Resolutions or keep on keepin’ on?
- Since I have to choose, I’ll pick keep on keepin’ on, since my resolutions are nearly the same every year

Ketchup or mustard?
-Mustard has many more uses in cooking.

Firm mattress or soft?
- Bad back.

Tan or pale (however one gets tan)?
-Pale. I can’t tan; I only burn.

Oreo or chocolate chip?
- Definitely.

Goldfish or tiny turtle?
- I think I’d do better with a goldfish, but I’ve never had either one.

Road rage or easy rider?
- I get mad when I drive; I’m glad I don’t commute anywhere.

East coast or west?
- Much better weather on the west coast.

Romantic comedy or action flick?
- I’m a sucker for a romantic comedy

Windy or rainy?
- I like the rain—if I’m indoors reading a good book. If it’s raining I at least want it not to be windy.

Gossip or sealed lips?
-Some years ago I made a resolution to stop gossiping, and I’m glad I did.

Sing or dance?
- I can’t dance. At all.

Nest” or go out at any opportunity?
- I’m a homebody.

Shatner or Norris?
Chuck Norris is cool even though he does stupid commercials.

Gold or silver?
- Silver looks much better on me.

Swing or push (on a swing, people… on a swing)?
-Confession: I get bored with pushing the kids.

Breath mints or gum?
- I got out of the habit of chewing gum when I had braces.

Pine tree or palm tree?
- I’d rather be in the climate for palms, because then I would be on vacation.

Self-deprecation or quiet confidence?
- I can finally say quiet confidence. I spent years with the other, but no more.

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