Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When Something Is Wrong with My Baby

We're into Day 2 of Miss Pink having a stomach virus. She's pretty miserable, the sweet darling. (She must be, since she's asleep in the daytime.) I'd thought she might be done with the worst of it since she ate some chicken noodle soup, and then--no, that wouldn't stay down either. I hope this not-eating thing doesn't last, since I am entirely serious when I say that the child cannot afford to lose any weight. When she gets better I will let her eat her weight in ice cream.

It's amazing how parenting changes you. I mean, before I became a mom, there was no way in hell I'd hold someone's hair and rub their back while they vomited. Much less let them vomit on me, and think, "No big deal, I can take a bath and wash the clothes. Is my baby okay?"

I'm pretty sure I'll still feel this way when she's 30.


  1. I know everyone says that you just automatically feel that way, I do feel that way about my dogs, but I just think my clock is broken. I'm not sure I'd ever feel that way about human children if they were mine. I do for nieces and nephews and friends' kids, but well, maybe I'm just late....

    I do hope she feels better soon. I give my niece pedia lite if that helps any.

  2. yuck! i didn't even hold C's hair back the 2 times she's upchucked since we've been married. (course some of that may be because i felt like it was about time she got sick since i usu. have at least 1 day/yr spent hunched over the porcelain altar and she's only done so twice since she was about 12-13)

  3. Vanessa: If you take care of your dogs and nieces and nephews, you'd certainly be able to do so for your own kids. Trust me, I'd never done that for ANYBODY.

    Pfaff: When Justin's sick I basically just stay back and ask him if he wants a wet washcloth or anything. (Like C, he doesn't throw up often.) I'm not very patient with him when he does have aches and pains. I guess my nurturing instinct only extends to my kids....I am trying to be more sympathetic, though.

  4. I have caught my children's vomit in my hands, rather then have them freak out by throwing up on themselves.
    Your poor baby. I hope she's feeling better.