Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two Strange Utterances

  • Strangest thing I have heard a kid say in a long time: “I only want to eat spinach ever again!” –Miss Pink, last night.

(Guess I need to make that casserole again.)

  • Strangest thing I have said recently: “No, you can’t climb up Daddy’s package!” –in reference to a tall box that came in the mail for Justin (he often has things for work sent here), which Miss Pink had the bright idea to climb like her own personal Everest. I wish he'd been here to hear that.


  1. hee hee that reminds me of one W uttered several months ago in the bathtub...

    -pointing to faucet- what's that?

    me- uhhh spout (he knows the itsy bitsy spider well and i figured he'd equate the two ideas of spout)

    -pointing to his 'package' what's that...spout?

    me- rotfl yes, that's you're spout

  2. Wow, I think I need your recipe!