Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week in Review, 8/24--8/30

First, a brief update: Justin's family arrived early this morning, after driving all night. They rested and then came over for pot roast I had put in the Crock Pot the night before. Hurricane Gustav is supposed to reach land tomorrow--you can imagine we'll be watching the Weather Channel!

Mr. Blue has a fever (102 before the Motrin) but is playing and laughing and eating and drinking, so we're not headed to the ER or anything, thank goodness. I'm hoping it's one of the random fevers he sometimes gets (teething?) that just go away without getting worse. I would hate for him to miss the first day of preschool on Tuesday, but he really wouldn't know the difference.

Just so you know, I am doing the Week in Review because I can't let myself stop doing it: I really want a little snapshot of our REAL daily lives to make into a scrapbook at the end of the year. (Needless to say, the griping about the ILs will NOT go in the scrapbook!)

1. Miss Pink had a good week at school even after she had an upset stomach the first day. She hasn't been bouncing off the walls with excitement, which worried me a little at first, but then I figured out that she is just adjusting to SO MANY new experiences. When I ask her what they did that day, she doesn't have much to say, but later bits and pieces will start emerging and I can tell she's doing fine. Her teacher emailed me that she is "so animated and such a well-spoken young lady" which made me feel that the teacher must be on the ball, because that is Miss Pink to a T. So hooray for a good first week.

2. We were not late to school. Not even close. Since this was a big problem for one of my friends whose daughter started kindergarten last year, I was worried that it might be a problem for us too. As long as we keep getting up at the same time, it shouldn't be a problem. And I like walking her to school. Although Mr. Blue is the slowest walker ever on the way back.

3. Mr. Blue is potty training. I'm trying not to write anything that will embarrass him later in life. Let's just say it's early days yet, but at least he's cooperative and is having success every time he tries--now Mama just has to remember to take him to the potty more than twice a day!

1. I read Jen Lancaster's hilarious book Such A Pretty Fat in one day. Now I'm sorry it's over.

2. I hate hurricanes. So many people are having to find places to get away from the storm. No matter what, some areas will receive damage--I hope and pray that no lives are taken (as sadly happened in the Caribbean) and that this too shall pass.



  1. Always enjoy your week in review. Yes, such a good way to keep up for a journal.

    Harricanes affect so many people it's just plain nuts. Hard to imagine! Hope all will be well.

  2. Sounds like a good week for you guys!

    I hope Mr. Blue gets better quickly!

  3. Good luck with the ILs.

    And I so feel you on the slow walking home. Try a two year old, pushing a double stroller, for a mile! Can you say three hours later?

  4. We love pot roast in the crock pot! Delicious! Hurricane Gustave has lots of people on the move and staying with friends.

    We're glad your daughter's first week of kindergarten went well and here's to hoping your son's first day of preschool is just as great!

  5. Hope you weathered the storm well! Reading about the Crock Pot Pot Roast made me hungry! Think I need to head on out to the grocery store myself now!