Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week in Review


1. Miss Pink went to the eye doctor and she is doing well with her glasses. We will need to get new lenses since the prescription has changed slightly (and also one lens is scratched right where she looks out.) There is still a good chance she may outgrow her need for glasses. She's happy about that, but also says, "If I still need glasses when I get bigger, I'll just get contacts." I love her positive attitude.

2. We had friends over for breakfast on Saturday morning, which we enjoyed. (It also forced us to clean up the house on Friday night, which almost never happens.)

3. I have an awesome husband. Besides making his special French toast for breakfast, on Saturday he fixed the weatherstripping on the front door, replaced the inner workings of an annoying (and expensive, in increased water bills) toilet, and measured and started drawing the plan for a playroom he's building on the back of the house. He didn't even seem to mind that I wasn't nearly as productive. Yes ma'am, he's a keeper.

4. It's so cute how Mr. Blue pronounces certain words. If he wants to show you something: "Lurk!" Every word that starts with a "c" he says with a "t": "toffee," "tandy," etc. He has to show everyone his favorite toys: "Dis my monter twuck. It name Dravedidder [Gravedigger]."
By the way, it was him who wanted the hairbow. His hair is about an inch long; it wouldn't stay in even if we tried!


1. The high temperature today is 106. And it will be above 100 every day for at least another week. Insane.

2. We had to pay the man whose van I scraped $250. Not that bad, but we still will have to get our car fixed. Oh well.

3. Did I mention it's 106?


  1. OK. Checking to see what our temp has been...80-90 and I don't think I could handle one more degree. Nope. Not one more. Sorry for you... nice husband though and great kids.

  2. I love having company so I get my house cleaned. It's also the only time I can get my husband to pitch in a little more!!

  3. Way too hot... that's just... ick.

    Cute words by Mr. Blue!

  4. He's so cute with his monster trucks! I thought of him the other day when I saw a big truck like that driving down the road.

  5. I feel your pain on that 106 thing. We lost power for about 2 hours on Sunday and it was absolutely miserable! Is Canada taking applications?

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