Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good Timing

The last couple of days haven't been the easiest for me. The whole thing with my new car happened, but mostly I've been stressed because like almost everyone else, we're being affected by the dismal economy. Justin has work, thank goodness, but we've been waiting to get paid for several paychecks now, and it's been getting to me.

I spent some time in prayer before I went to get Miss Pink today. Basically, I said, "I'm sorry my faith isn't stronger. Please help me. I want to believe you are with me and that things will work out."

And when I got in the car, this song was just starting.

I REALLY needed to hear that. If you needed to hear that too, I'll pray for you (and please pray--or send good thoughts--for me, too).



  1. I'll pray for you and your family.
    I would be privileged if you could do the same and Thank You!!

  2. Funny how that happens, that we should recieve what we need. Signs, they are. Best to you guys.

  3. THinking about yoU! Keep that chin up

  4. I too have been praying, "Sorry my faith isn't stronger." I think God hears us. (Well, if he doesn't, I'm done for!)

  5. I so appreciate God finding so many ways to talk back to us...


  6. Oh yes, GOD speaks to us in ways that we may not understand at the time...but He's up to us to listen...prayers for you my friend, I truly believe you are going to come thru this in great shape!