Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some Days It's Just Not Worth Gnawing Through the Leather Straps

That's a quote I remember from somewhere. I shouldn't have left the house today.

Because as I arrived at a park to meet our playgroup, I parked my NEW CAR beside this stone retaining wall--a little too close. The bottom right part of MY BRAND NEW CAR is scraped.

This is not the first time this has happened. Oh, no, not even close to being the first time. There was the time in college when I hit one brick mailbox head-on--then a few months later, backed into a different one. The time at Target, a couple of years ago, that I pulled forward into an empty parking space, forgetting about the concrete base of the light pole sticking out in my path. And there have been various encounters with the posts near gas pumps.

My husband even said as we signed the papers, "Maybe now that you're in a smaller car, you won't scrape any posts."

Well, it wasn't a POST. Sigh.

You'd think I could wait until the INK was DRY on the lease papers. Our down payment hasn't even gone through yet.

As one of my friends said (and she said it sympathetically, not in a just-get-over-it way), "That's when you have to remind yourself that earthly things will pass away."

It's just a car. We are going to see if touch-up paint will take care of it.

But still. I would give up 10 I.Q. points to guarantee that I would never do this again.



  1. Awwww, I'm sorry. I guess one good thing is now you don't have the pressure of a perfect car or worrying when the first scratch will happen. Sort of like getting your first B that messes up your 4.0, which I know you will just have to use your imagination to understand! - Leann

  2. Those are the phone calls you LOVE To make "uh honey, I just...." I have been there done that and it sucks. That said - try your local fancy car wash...lots of times they can BUFF it real cheap then just add a little touch up and you should be good to go!

  3. I am so sorry. That's an Emo Phillips quote, he's a comedian.

  4. I LOVE that quote. My mom used to have a bumper sticker that said that on her fridge.

    I am the same way with cars and parking. I tend to pack into anything I can't see in the rearview - like those yellow posts that are so often found in parking lots . . .

  5. Oh fudge.... that just bites. I'm sorry

  6. I'm so sorry. I hope the touch up paint works to fix the scratch. eHUGS