Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick Update

VERY quick update before I head to bed and collapse: I haven't posted because I've been subbing for a 3rd grade teacher--and tomorrow I'm going back for the other 3rd grade language arts teacher. It's fun actually teaching--the teacher who will be out tomorrow and I planned lessons I could do with the kids--but after two days, I'm tired. Especially since I didn't get enough sleep last night. It was after midnight when I went to sleep, and then Miss Pink came in our room at 5:40. Guess what time the alarm was set for? Yeah, 6:00.

Anyway, please keep my MIL in your prayers. Remember, she has stage 3 lymphoma and had her first round of chemotherapy three weeks ago, but afterward she developed pneumonia and has been back in the hospital for the past week and a half. Despite antibiotics and breathing treatments, the CT scan shows her lungs are not clearing up, so today they put her under anesthesia and extracted some of the fluid for testing. She may have to stay in the hospital instead of going home as we had hoped. Either way, we will probably be visiting to try to cheer her up.

I will check in when I can. I hope you are all having a good week.



  1. 3rd graders...oh man. They can be almost as bad as kindergartners sometimes.

    I will keep your MIL in my prayers. Hopefully they can find what is keeping this around.


  2. MIL is on my prayer list...