Monday, October 12, 2009

Remembering To Count My Blessings

It feels like I just posted here, yet it turns out that was nearly a week ago. Huh. Time for an update, I guess! I'll be glad to get to write posts that don't have to do with all the challenges we're facing, but I am slowly starting to realize that I'm never going to get to a place this side of Heaven with no problems. They truly are part of life, they apparently come in packs, and yet I am choosing to believe that I can learn to deal with them and remember how blessed I actually am.

First, my MIL did get to come home from the hospital on Thursday. On Wednesday and Thursday, Justin went to her house and finished up the tile on her shower. (It was undone because she is normally a bath person but it would be too hard for her to climb in and out of her deep tub in her weakened state.) Then he got home Thursday night and the kids and I were so happy to see him. For me, the relief was palpable. Just knowing he is home takes a huge burden off my shoulders. I only worked three days last week, but I was SO tired by the kids' bedtime because I just never got a break. With him home, the effort of taking care of the kids' needs is cut in half--he does half the snacks and drinks, Mr. Blue's bath, and we take turns doing the bedtime routine with each kid. Then on Saturday we made blueberry muffins for breakfast, vegged for a while and then cleaned the house. I felt so much better after that--the previous Saturday, I just could not make myself clean anything besides the necessary dishes and clothes. I have always admired single parents but every time I have to pretend to be one, my admiration goes through the roof.

Anyway, my MIL may start her next chemo treatment by the end of the week. I am praying that this time she will not have any complications because three weeks in the hospital is not fun for anyone involved.

Oh, also our air conditioner stopped working one day when it was eighty degrees. On a day when I was insanely hormonal, so I cried a lot during Mr. Blue's nap. This is when it was good that Justin wasn't here, because I didn't take it out on him or anyone else. A friend who has an A/C business also happens to owe Justin some money for a cabinet, so voila--free repair. It wasn't that extensive, just a few wires and a switch, but given the current state of our bank account, free is good. Then it promptly turned rainy and chilly, but the heater wouldn't have worked either, so getting it fixed was good.

I started trying to write about another big decision I had to make last week but then I realized it was going to make this post way too long. Miss Pink has a fever today, so although she didn't miss school today due to Columbus Day, she will need to stay home for tomorrow at least, and I will post about it then. Sorry if saying "I was going to tell you but now you're just going to have to wait!" is annoying.

Thanks for reading my thoughts. Writing things down helps me process things so much better than when my brain goes around in circles trying to figure everything out. I have a journal in a file on my computer in which I REALLY get transparent with myself even when it's ugly, but a lot of the time I just put a copy of what I wrote here. And your comments always mean a lot to me.

So thanks. Thank you very much. I wasn't kidding when I said I am blessed.



  1. Thanks for the update on your MIL and you and reminding me to count my blessings as well.
    I send my best to your MIL for her next CTX round.

  2. I am praying for your MIL, hoping that her next round goes smoothly.

    A little annoying, but I have done it before so I understand. lol

    Hugs, life lessons are hard.

  3. My ex-MIL had a single masectomy last Monday. She was convelescing at my ex-SIL's house, who has a HUGE tv. She got home yesterday and watched one football game and determined that her old tv just wasn't going to cut it anymore, so she sent SIL out for a new 37 inch flat screen :) BLess her heart!

  4. Yippee!!!
    Home! Finally...
    as for complications... "Shoo! Shoo!"

    Guess what girl, its the 'ugly' transparencies that are more intriguing... *giggle*
    Hope this week is better for everyone.

  5. I'm so glad things are going better for you emotionally, even if the external circumstances are still a bit difficult.