Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Things That Happened

This is too late for a "What I Learned This Week" post--and also some of these are not things I learned--but rather things that happened in the past week.

"Things that happened." What a great job I am going to do teaching kids how to write in vivid, interesting ways! "Do as I say, kids, not as I do on my blog."
  • Everything is harder when Daddy isn't around. We all miss him like crazy.
  • My MIL is doing better. The problem, which was pinpointed by a culture they took last week? She had a yeast infection and a herpes infection in her lungs. I didn't even know that could happen (although I knew secondary infections often set in after the chemo weakens the person's immune system). Well, now that the doctors know what to treat her for, she's improved enough that she can go home Thursday.
  • Last week I was with third graders three days in a row. Yesterday, I was at the high school watching videos on macroeconomics and world religions. It was much less noisy, I'll tell you that. Plus no one punched another kid in the nose, as happened in the third grade classroom. After questioning, we learned that the kid who got punched had been making fun of the other one the day before, and the puncher's mom had told him, "If he does it again, punch him in the nose."
So he did. Niiiiiice parenting, there.
  • On Sunday we were sitting in traffic and Mr. Blue said in the most resigned voice, "I dess we're gonna sit here forever." I had to laugh because that's what I often say when I'm waiting to turn and can't get an opening in traffic.
  • While we were grocery shopping, he saw some ceramic pumpkins. "Look at those pumpkins with their angry eyes," he said. Not scared, just observationally.


  1. Wow to the bully mom. Though I kind of feel like punching her, so maybe it's just human nature? sigh.

    Glad your MIL is doing better; hope things get easier for you soon.


  2. I work with all adults, but some of my coworkers don't sound any more adult than your 3rd graders.

  3. Oh, I always pack my angry eyes, just in case. Did you ever see that bit from Toy Story? Your "angry eyes" bullet reminded me of that.

    Good to hear your MIL is doing better. Can't imagine how difficult it is but stay positive and keep on praying.

  4. *Faint*
    Hooray for the obedient boy, but definitely thumbs down for his Mommy...

  5. Yeah for MIL doing better! That is great news.

    Sitting forever in traffic is rough, especially for a kid. Boo always rolls her eyes and goes "ug...traffic again". Lovely.

    No comment on the boy...just leaving that one alone.