Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hungry All the Time

Mr. Blue is eating us out of house and home. Dude must be due for a major growth spurt. If we had the pantry space, I’d just order a grocery truck to unload at our house.

It’s mostly healthy stuff, but…it just surprises me that he can fit all of that inside himself and still be hungry. Here’s what he had last night just from supper on (because I can’t even keep track of what he ate earlier in the day): at least a cup of steamed broccoli; several bites of steak Parmesan; a piece of garlic bread; half a banana; two clementines (seedless mandarin oranges); a piece of Valentine’s chocolate; two bowls of cereal; and a sippy cup of milk. He was asking for peanut butter crackers after that, too. We didn’t have any, so I said, “No, bud. You’ve had enough.” Then I felt like a bad mom, because maybe SOMEHOW he was still hungry, and he would wake up in the middle of the night crying from horrible hunger pains—but seriously, we had to leave some food for breakfast. And he didn’t wake up until his normal time, but he had one and a half toaster strudels, another clementine, and some raisins before 10 am. Oh, and more milk.

Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that his current favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


  1. I know all kids go through this phase, but I can't help but wonder what you'll be saying about his eating in 12 years.

  2. My little guy is doing that right now, too - he REALLY wants to eat all the time!

  3. It is truly mind-boggling how much they can eat when they go through those growth-spurt/refueling phases.