Saturday, February 9, 2008

Week in Review: 2/3--2/9

This is an idea I got from Cathy Zielske: to list 5 things that made me happy this week and 5 things that I didn't like. I'm trying to do this every week to capture little details of our lives. And I thought I might as well post it here. I like that it's so random, which I love reading when others do it, but my little anal-retentive brain finds it hard to be random on purpose. So here ya go.

Week in Review

5 things that made me happy

1. Mr Blue saying “Tank you Mommy” without being prompted. This means he is 1 for 2,877,523 in the manners department. Victory is in sight!

2. Finding pants that fit me well at NY & Co.—on sale. And also a necklace. Now I SWEAR I will not buy myself anything else for at least two months! (I also got some crosstrainers--totally necessary because my others had no support left--and a dress from Target.)

3. Miss Pink’s teacher saying she is “a little learning sponge” and “a joy to teach.”

4. Miss Pink telling us last night that she wants to be an astronaut and a scientist who cares for tigers. You go, girl!

5. Finding out I have somehow reached my goal weight after not working out for two weeks when we were sick. Apparently the Death Virus wasn’t so bad after all.

5 things that bothered me

1. Finding out Miss Pink can’t play soccer in our town’s soccer organization because the teams are already chosen and registration is closed. What? It’s only February! (She wants to try gymnastics instead.)

2. Spending the money on the pants and jewelry.

3. Knowing that the next two weeks are going to be tiring. This coming week, Justin will be home late (around 8:30) every night except Thursday, including Saturday and Sunday, because of a class he’s taking. Then the following Tuesday he will leave for Louisiana to install a set of cabinets in his brother’s house, while I am here preparing for Mr. Blue’s birthday party on Saturday, which Justin will be back for, but not until Friday night or Saturday. Oy. I take back #2—I totally deserve those clothes.

4. That’s really all—I am so blessed!

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  1. Those are some lovely things to be grateful for.
    I wish I was at my goal weight.