Friday, February 8, 2008

You're Thankful for WHAT?

Justin and I don’t tend to be all stuffy and formal in the way we teach our children about God. Mostly because that’s not how we experience our relationship with God. We want our kids to think of God and church as a natural, interesting part of our lives rather than something Serious that is No Fun at All for Kids. So I’m not very rigid about the way we pray: do their eyes really have to be closed? Not at this age, for sure, but they like folding their hands, and chubby toddler hands folded in prayer are adorable. Also, Miss Pink’s bedtime prayers usually sound more like we’re talking on the phone to a friend. “Excuse us, Lord,” she’ll pipe up in the middle of my prayer if she wants to tell me something. “Okay, Lord, we’re back,” I’ll say when she’s done.

But the other night she went too far.

She was sitting on the bed talking to the Creator, thanking him for…farts.

“Thank you, Lord, that we can toot,” she said. “Thank you for the smell.”

The SMELL? She’s thankful for that? I’ve always thought God could’ve spared us that.

Justin told her that was enough, that she was being silly and we don’t need to bring up farts in our prayers. Even if we’re appreciating them.

Then he went into another room and had a good laugh. I’m sure God did the same.

Because our God is not stuffy at all. I know He has a sense of humor. If He didn’t, He couldn’t have created this daughter of mine.


  1. I think its very cute that she is thankful for that. So many kids have issues with their bodies, that she is so comfortable is such a blessing. Kudos to you for nurturing that in her. She's one lucky kiddo.

  2. That's funny. Hey, she's being Biblical: "In all things be thankful."