Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Maybe I'm the One Who Needs Glasses

Today we were running a couple of errands before Miss Pink's 12:30 appointment with the eye doctor. I decided to stop by the library because they collect school supplies for underprivileged children and I had the supplies with me. I felt good because I had mailed the giveaway goodies to the winner in a timely fashion, and I had remembered to buy the supplies and turn them in before the due date. I was on a roll!

As I turned the wheel to park, I heard a sound that no one wants to hear, but that I know well: sssscccccrrrrraaaaappppe.

My first thought was, "No! I did not just hit a minivan while trying to park."

Yes. Yes, I did. CRAP. The van wasn't even over the line. This is gonna cost me.

I wrote a note and put it under the windshield wiper, went in and dropped off the supplies, and drove away saddened and disgusted at myself.

You see, I am terrible at parking and reversing a vehicle. I have only had one accident with another moving vehicle (when I was sixteen), but here is a list of all the stationary objects I've hit:
  • two different mailboxes
  • another car in a parking lot
  • the side of our garage
  • a post near a gas pump (I won't go back to that gas station)
  • a light pole at Target
  • a car stopped at a stoplight (I took my foot off the brake and rolled into her; no damage)
The other driver turned out to be a very nice man. Lucky for me, he's also a paint & body guy who can fix his car for about $100. We'll still have to pay more to have ours fixed, but it could have been worse. Of course, it could have been BETTER if this had never happened. If I had the money we've spent on my automotive mistakes, we could go on a very nice vacation. Or save it for our retirement, if we were actually going to be sensible. WHATEVER, you get the point.

I am also lucky that my husband is super-understanding. At this point, he knows that this is just part of being married to me. He says that builders call it "hidden costs"--money you don't know you're going to have to spend when you sign the contract, and then during the project, SURPRISE, there goes your profit. I hope I'm worth it!

Right after that I turned the car away from home. Instead of eating leftovers, I wanted to go to Chick-Fil-A. I ate a salad, but then I got a Coffee Caramel shake and then all was well again.


  1. Ouch! I'm glad your husband is understanding, but sorry you can't go on that nice vacation. How lucky you were to pick that particular car, though, eh?

  2. Bah, my comment got eaten. :-P

    I think my stationary-objects-hit tally is hovering around 3, maybe 4, not sure. Don't ask me to parallel park, and heavens, don't even bring up backing a trailer. *heart attack*

    The worst time was when I was driving a friend, WHO WAS IN LABOR,
    and I hit a parked car in the hospital parking lot. SHE calmed ME down. I could have cried.

    Driving a tiny car is the only real prevention that works for me.

  3. I don't hit stationary objects but I've hit A LOT of moving ones.

  4. Awww....that's a bummer, but it sounds like at least everyone involved was cool about it. And coffee caramel shakes always makes things better.

  5. Oh no. That is the worst sound to hear when driving too! Glad it ended up being as good as it could be!

  6. It could be worse. We had this awful bus driver when I was a kid and she was ALWAYS sideswiping things when she parked... and then one day she ran over a KID. (he lived, but YIKES.)

  7. Oh, I'm so sorry. Things like that put a damper on the day. At least it's someone who can cheaply fix his car, right? (trying to look at the bright side)

  8. Those Coffee Caramel Shakes will cure anything, won't they? Glad Hubby is so understanding--I hate getting in scrapes!

  9. Oh, I know that sound. But only you and I know about it ok? Just you and I.

  10. I, too, have hit the post at the gas station, along with the basketball goal by my in-law's driveway. Oh, and I also once parked so close to the car in front of me that I was touching it, which I know because the person left under my wiper a Polaroid picture of my offense along with a nasty note that I should be more careful. I hope it was their van you hit. ;-)

  11. Oh, how lucky to get a nice guy who could do the work himself!

    My driver's ed teacher told me I was the worst parker of any student she'd ever had.

    I love the "hidden costs" thing for marriage!