Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New SITS Contest

Those saucy girls over at The Secret Is In the Sauce are having weekly contests this summer. There are some seriously great prizes. Last week was a bounce house, and here's what they're offering this week:

Is that cute or what? It's a Brighton purse that retails for $175. Until a couple of weeks ago, I'd never even heard of Brighton, but I like this bag a lot. It's so summery and cheerful!

So if you'd like a chance to win it, write your own post about the contest, and head over to SITS to link to it in the comments in this post. Good luck! (If you win, can I borrow it? I'll totally let you borrow it if I do! Then we can French-braid each other's hair and be BFFs! Like, OMG!)

1 comment:

  1. I personally find it funny when bags have names, or shoes, or whatevers. I'm a very nononsense sort of mumma. If something's got a name it's only 'cause I gave it one. I bought a $3.00 summer bag at old navy but haven't even bothered to switch over from my winter bag. So, that was $3.00 totally wasted. Imagine if I'd spent $150.00! Cute though.