Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week in Review, 7/6--7/12

Good vibes
1. Remember the builder who we didn’t think was going to pay us and I thought I might have to pray him into submission? He paid up, no complaints. Turns out his phone broke while Justin’s partner was talking to him—he didn’t hang up and refuse to take any more calls, as it seemed at the time. Now that I say that, it sounds suspicious. You notice he didn’t call back on a different phone and ask when he could pay. Oh well. He paid, no one’s mad at each other, and we have money. All’s well.

2. Miss Pink has been waiting all week to buy me a present. Justin was finally able to take her today. He paid for it, but it’s sweet that she wanted to pick it out. They went to Target, where you can’t go wrong shopping for me. She wanted a necklace but didn’t find anything she liked, so she picked a set of bracelets, some gold, some green (I told her green is my favorite color, so now she thinks I need a lot more green things.) She kept saying, “Look, there are three of these,” which I didn’t think anything about except Justin was mouthing something at me behind her back. When she left the room, he said, “She wants one of those, but I told her not to ask, to wait until you offered it to her.” So I asked her if she wanted one, and she said yes, very fast.

Mixed feelings
1. I’m starting to get nervous about going to San Antonio next week. It’s a fairly short trip, four hours from here, and we will only be gone three days. My parents are going, which will be fun, but I hope the kids don’t wear them out too much. I hope the kids don’t wear US out too much. (I wasn’t aware of how much bigger Sea World is than the last time I went, which was around 1991.) Also, you moms know what I mean when I say that traveling with young kids isn’t really a VACATION for the parents. It’s important to make family memories, and all that, but it’s not really relaxing because you do everything you normally do to take care of the kids, but in a strange place, with screwed-up naptimes and lots of junk food. Oh well, Justin and I went on a mini-vacation last year. It’s time for our first real family vacation (other than visiting family.) I bet it will be lots of fun—I shouldn’t worry so much when I’m getting to go on a trip!


  1. It will be lovely and tiring and fitful. Take lots of pictures. Eat loads of junk food and have lots of naps when it's all over. It'll be great!

  2. I agree with your concerns about the family trips....usually we go for one to get out of our usual routine and have a relaxing time, but with the kids around, we actually get much more worn out AFTER THE trip than before it....sometimes the adults even get sick because they had to 'keep a look out' for the kids....

  3. You guys will have a blast. Just enjoy the time and don't have any expectations... it will just unfold.

  4. We haven't been brave enough to go on an actual vacation with the kids yet. But it's coming.
    Good luck.

  5. that's why we're taking our first trip with the new trailer to Glen Rose. if it's horrible we can come home. BTW, i'm commenting from the web access on my phone while waiting for a meeting to start - how cool is that?

  6. Oops, apparently my phone makes me anonymous. It's Leann, in case you couldn't guess.