Sunday, July 27, 2008

Week in Review, 7/20--7/26

1. Last Sunday night, all four of us ate as much cold, delicious watermelon as we could hold. I don't think it's necessary to explain why this was a good thing, except to my friend Leann, who doesn't like any kind of melon. Yes, she is sane in every other way.

2. I went for a follow-up visit to my new psychiatrist and told her the anxiety had disappeared again since we upped my dosage. She was happy for me, and I don't have to go back for three months.

3. I saw Mamma Mia! with my friends (which is the way you should see it; it's REALLY a chick flick). I wasn't expecting it to be all that good--but I figured it has Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth in it, so who cares? The plot does have holes big enough to drive a truck through, but the plot is not really the point. I bought the Broadway soundtrack on iTunes yesterday, and have been singing the songs (and, regrettably, dancing) ever since.

4. On Saturday night, a friend called and asked if both of my kids could come over and play with hers. That meant Justin and I could go on an impromptu date. Stunned, we responded with our usual lack of originality and went to the bookstore, got a frappucino, and browsed through many magazines. It may be boring, but it makes us happy.

1. The psychiatrist is good, but her office staff doesn't have their act together. They've had to reschedule me twice because of errors on their end (good thing I'm not suicidal!), they never know what my copay should be, and the woman wrote down the wrong time for the appointment on my card thirty seconds after we agreed on a time and hasn't called me back when I left a message about it. None of it, even put together, is enough to make me change doctors, but I expected better from a clinic at a hospital with a medical school.

2. It's adorable when your child starts saying "Please" and "Thank you" on her own. It is not so adorable when that same child becomes the Manners Police and every time you wait on her hand and foot, she says an inaudible thank you and when you forget to respond, she barks, "I SAID thank you!" Next manners lesson: graciousness does not include screaming at your benefactor.

3. Honey-drizzled freshly baked croissants taste heavenly, but they are OF THE DEVIL. So are fries.


  1. In my house it's sneezing - if you don't say bless you within a nano-second of Gert sneezing you hear "Isn't anyone going to say bless you???"

  2. Hah! Your goods and your bads made me laugh this week. OHHHH, fries, soooo goooodddddd. Can't be bad! So THANK YOU very much, please let me eat em without guilt.

  3. Honey drizzled baked croissants - don't get me going there! They don't make them right here in Mozambique - you are making me homesick!

    Hope things are going well with your litter mis manners lessons!

  4. Watermelon? I LOVE watermelon! And, yup, I'm known as the "manners police" in our family. The "pleases" and "thank yous" are music to my ears! Just wanted to remind you, bloggy bud, that today's the last day of our Great Pop'rs Giveaway. Plus, we're still conducting a Contact Oprah campaign, trying to get Uncle Lynn & Pop'rs on TV. So come on by and join the fun!

  5. No melon for me either, thank you.
    But move the croissants to the yays, please, I've never had them but a honey drizzled baked croissant just can't be bad.

  6. Alison, the croissants tasted like manna from heaven. But as my godmother used to say: A moment on the lips, forever on the hips!

  7. LOL!! Thanks for affirming my sanity! I should bookmark this post and come back on days when I feel it slipping.