Sunday, July 6, 2008

Week in Review, 6/30--7/5: Now with Gratuitous Links!

1. I already wrote about our Independence Day, but it was definitely a highlight of the week.

2. Miss Pink moved up a level in gymnastics. She is the youngest and smallest in her class, but she is GOOD, y’all. I am not just being a boastful parent—the teacher wanted her to try out for the pre-competition team, but we are going to wait at least a year before doing something that takes so much time (and I have a fear of being a pushy sports parent). So now she is going to work on some more challenging skills, just for less time a week than the team does.

You know those massive ropes that hang from the ceiling in a gym, that kids are supposed to climb? Didn’t those strike fear into your heart in middle school? Miss P’s class was supposed to work on climbing those. For the newer ones, the teacher put her fists under their feet so they could push off her hands to climb higher. But they had to hold on with their feet and pull themselves up with their arms. Miss Pink was a natural—she scooted right up that rope like a monkey on both tries. I was so proud of her! I will try to remember to bring my camera so you can see her at the top.

3. My birthday is next week and we have been celebrating early! My special dessert was the brownie sundaes yesterday, and my parents took me to Pei Wei for lunch after church and gave me some birthday money. Gift money or money from unexpected jobs is the only money I feel non-guilty about spending on myself. I already bought a dress from Target yesterday, and I love it.

4. Justin and I finally watched a movie: Lars and the Real Girl. When I first heard it was about a guy who pretends a blow-up doll (yes, that kind of doll) is his girlfriend, I thought it might be creepy, but instead it’s sweet, sad, and funny all at the same time. Highly recommended.

1. Leaving my new copy of The New Yorker on a desk-thing at the gym and finding it gone after I got finished lifting weights. I wouldn’t care except that there was a new story by Alice Munro in it that I hadn’t read yet. I looked around in the trash cans, everywhere magazines get laid out for borrowing, and at everyone who was working out. Stupid me. Just because no one at my gym looks like they would read The New Yorker, someone must.

Later in the week I found out the story is online. I am once again thankful for the power of the Internet.

2. Justin had some trouble with a builder who doesn't want to pay him. That's stressful. So please send your prayers and good money-receiving thoughts to him (Justin, not the jerk builder!) I told Juck I would pray that the guy (who is filthy rich; it's infuriating that he doesn't want to pay for the cabinets HE ordered) would feel so guilty that he wouldn't be able to sleep until he paid up. I don't think that's too much to ask God, do you? I mean, it's not like I'm asking that he be attacked by locusts or get boils all over his body. Although if he doesn't pay by next month, all bets are off.


  1. I'm all over the prayers for Mr. Money Bags to feel guilty. That is a really good one...

    Go Miss Pink!

  2. Aren't kids amazing? I'm always blown away when mine do something I never have or could do.

  3. I loved the movie Lars and the Real Girl. Very sweet!

  4. What do people who read the New Yorker look like? LOL! I thought this was particularly funny since I know where you work out, and I would agree with you.