Monday, July 7, 2008

Mr. Blue, Stand-Up Comedian

So often it seems I’m jotting down something funny Miss Pink has said so I can blog about it. Now Mr. Blue is starting to make more jokes and tease us—he knows what he’s doing and it makes me and Justin just lose it, even when we’re trying to tell him no. When Mr. Blue knows something’s funny, he says, “Dat funny--I wanna laugh!” And then he does—even his eyes laugh.

At my parent’s house around lunchtime:

Mr. Blue: Mama, I want a cookie.

Me: No, you need to eat lunch first.

Mr. B, without pausing even one second: Doughnuts?

My dad, who gives all little children money: Here’s something for you! (He gives them each a five dollar bill.)

Justin: Wow, Miss Pink, that’s five dollars! (Miss Pink is appropriately impressed.)

Mr. Blue, holding his money in one hand and reaching for Papa’s billfold with the other: I want it all!

Justin and Mr. Blue are roughhousing on our bed. This game consists of Mr. Blue standing on his dad and purposely falling off and landing flat on his stomach—or his head.

Justin: You’re a rough tough boy! Are you a rough tough boy?

Mr. Blue: No, I not. I just wanna hurt myself! (falls off)

You know, I just noticed that every one of these anecdotes involves my son expressing in no uncertain terms something he wants. We’ll have to teach him subtlety and manners (not to mention nutrition) but there’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want and going for it. Well, except for hurting yourself on purpose.


  1. Oh my, his answer:"I just wanna hurt myself!" ???? kids do say the funniest stuff!

  2. Lovely little clown. So cute when they're this little and they KNOW they can get away with it...

  3. Thats a boy who'll grow into a man and what you don't get through his head, his wife will, lol!

  4. He's adorable!! I'm pretty sure he'll be a ladykiller. Too bad he and Milli will grow up together... that's always a sure sign that they won't end up together.

  5. I think most boys are just more assertive about what they want. Kids say funny things for sure though!

  6. I'm not gonna lie... cats puke a lot. Still, I'd take a cat over a dog any day!

    Thanks for stopping by!

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  8. I love the things kids say. It's part of why I like my job so much. They're constantly cracking me up!